iFixit teardown shows Studio Display is full of surprises

iFixit teardown shows Studio Display is full of surprises

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Alex Blake

By March 31, 2022 5:18AM

Last week, repair experts iFixit enactment Apple’s Mac Studio nether the weapon with a full teardown video. At the time, the squad besides concisely examined the Studio Display, and present they’re backmost with a full-scale shredding of Apple’s latest monitor. And what they recovered wrong was surprising, to accidental the least.

From the outside, you’d beryllium forgiven for confusing the Studio Display with Apple’s 24-inch iMac. Yet successful iFixit’s teardown video, arsenic soon arsenic the display’s beforehand sheet was removed, the differences became instantly apparent. For 1 thing, the Studio Display is acold much densely packed connected the wrong than the largely bare 24-inch iMac.

That’s down to a fig of reasons. For starters, Apple stuffed the device’s powerfulness proviso wrong the Studio Display’s assemblage alternatively than utilizing an outer powerfulness ceramic arsenic the iMac does. This required a customized plan and a batch of plan and engineering work, not to notation the cost. The effect is incredibly bladed for a powerfulness proviso — hardly thicker than a printed circuit board. Still, bladed oregon not, it’s 1 crushed the internals are truthful jam-packed.

The powerfulness supply’s circuit committee besides has a divided plan that comes successful 2 parts. This is presumably to acceptable it into the display’s chassis efficaciously and is different plan determination that would person required a ton of effort to marque it work.

As good arsenic that, Apple had to see 2 immense fans to dissipate vigor from the powerfulness proviso — these were not required internally successful the 24-inch iMac since its powerfulness proviso lurks extracurricular the computer. The ample Studio Display fans are not for its A13 Bionic chip, though, which does not make overmuch vigor connected its own.

Fixing the lackluster webcam

iFixit's Apple Studio Dislpay teardown, showing the internals of the show   with the powerfulness  proviso   being removed.

Once the overflowing internals were examined, iFixit got to enactment disassembling the Studio Display. The institution started by examining the webcam, which has travel successful for a barrage of criticism for its mediocre output.

According to iFixit, the camera is astir identical to the front-facing camera successful the iPhone 11. Since that camera usually produces fantabulous images, it suggests that the occupation does not needfully prevarication with the hardware and that Apple volition beryllium capable to hole the prime issues with a bundle update. We surely person our fingers crossed.

As for the screen, the Studio Display uses the aforesaid show sheet arsenic the now-extinct 5K iMac. The 60Hz LCD “isn’t overmuch to constitute location astir these days,” said iFixit’s Sam Goldheart, but it’s astatine slightest bully to person the enactment of an Apple-branded 5K show without having to bargain an full machine to get it.

While the Studio Display’s speakers are not “quite arsenic slick” arsenic those recovered successful the 24-inch iMac, iFixit recovered that they’re inactive “impressive for a display.” They see Apple’s force-canceling woofers to help support vibrations successful check.

On the back, there’s lone 1 Thunderbolt 4 port, meaning you can’t daisy concatenation other monitors utilizing the Studio Display. Instead, other monitors person to tally done your Mac, which is simply a spot much hassle.

Rounding things up, Goldheart described the Studio Display arsenic “an alternate beingness iMac” and “an awesome testament to Apple’s quality to lick problems.” While the instrumentality wasn’t fixed a repairability score, iFixit optimistically suggested that if Apple tin marque specified a slimline powerfulness supply, it should beryllium capable to marque instrumentality repairs “safe and easy.” Who knows what the aboriginal holds?

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