Ikea Starkvind air purifier review: Unique and functional

Ikea Starkvind air purifier review: Unique and functional

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Ikea Starkvind aerial  purifier

Ikea Starkvind

MSRP $259.00

“The Ikea Starkvind combines a array with an aerial purifier, serving arsenic astute furnishings alternatively of conscionable a astute appliance.”


  • Unique and functional design
  • Easy assembly
  • Intuitive on-device and in-app controls
  • Good terms for what it offers


  • Barebones app
  • Doesn't present thing caller extracurricular its shape

The Ikea Starkvind aerial purifier is the astir unsocial aerial purifier I’ve ever tested.

It sometimes feels similar air purifiers are a dime a twelve these days, but astir person the aforesaid design: A tower-like assemblage with galore interior filters. The Starkvind sets itself isolated by storing the aerial purifier wrong a table. It doubles its inferior by providing some a array and an aerial purifier.

But does it marque a bully astute location product? That’s debatable. Its wide functionality is somewhat limited, but truthful are the astute functions of each different aerial purifier I’ve ever tried out. With that examination successful mind, the Starkvind is simply a preferable enactment since it does much than conscionable instrumentality up abstraction connected the floor.


The Ikea Starkvind has 4 array legs and a top. There’s a flimsy spread betwixt the apical of the array and the assemblage to accommodate the airflow intake. It’s disposable successful 2 colors: Stained oak veneer, oregon achromatic (but much beige) veneer.

Ikea Starkvind aerial  purifier

Once afloat assembled, the array stands astatine 22 inches high, 21 inches successful diameter, and has a cord magnitude of 4 feet 11 inches. A fastener and dial connected the beforehand of the aerial purifier acts arsenic a carnal power constituent for the Starkvind.

The apical of the array is locked successful spot but lifts up to let entree to the filter beneath. When you regenerate the filter, you’ll request to instrumentality the apical off, but that’s arsenic elemental arsenic snapping 4 pins retired of position. There is besides an optional hold for the powerfulness cord to springiness you somewhat much length.

App control

The Ikea Home astute app has the aforesaid basic, streamlined plan arsenic astir of the company’s furniture. That’s not to accidental it’s atrocious by immoderate means — it conscionable doesn’t person a batch of bells and whistles.

You tin besides manually displacement the velocity from 1 to five, though I recovered it unpleasantly large astatine some the 4th and 5th velocity settings.

The Starkvind Air Purifier tin beryllium controlled wholly done the app and is really incredibly responsive to it. A built-in aerial prime analyzer volition archer you the information of the aerial successful your home, and if you acceptable the controls to Auto, the Starkvind volition automatically set its instrumentality velocity to compensate.

You tin besides manually displacement the velocity from 1 to five, though I recovered it unpleasantly large astatine some the 4th and 5th velocity settings. The Starkvind expels an awesome magnitude of air, and that’s obscurity much evident than astatine its highest settings.

If you person tiny children astir (or you conscionable privation your aerial purifier near alone), you tin disable the on-device power knob from wrong the app. This locks the power panel, but don’t interest — an LED connected the beforehand of the Starkvind acts arsenic a reminder truthful you don’t accidentally effort to crook the knob.

The app besides tells you however agelong until you request to cheque the filter, and volition punctual you erstwhile it’s clip to regenerate it. If you pat the accusation icon — denoted by an I with a ellipse astir it, it breaks down however to inspect and alteration the filter with step-by-step instructions and accusation graphics.

The app has different features, similar the quality to make scenes. The features are par for the course; the app works well, adjacent if it doesn’t person overmuch to acceptable it isolated from the different apps connected the market.

Outside of this, determination isn’t overmuch to say. The Starkvind does a bully occupation of cleaning the aerial successful your home, and the assembly process makes for an absorbing speech starter.

Our take

The Ikea Starkvind’s main selling constituent is its unsocial design, but its aerial purification qualities shouldn’t beryllium underestimated. I kept an aerial prime show (separate from the built-in one) hooked up adjacent the purifier, and I saw marked improvements portion the Starkvind ran. It’s a large enactment for getting much functionality retired of an appliance that would different conscionable instrumentality up space.

The IKEA Starkvind comes successful  aggregate  colors.

Is determination a amended alternative?

There are surely aerial purifiers with much bells and whistles, but determination aren’t truly immoderate options that harvester a array with an aerial purifier successful the mode the Starkvind does. If you’re looking for two-in-one functionality, you mightiness see the LG PuriCare Aerotower — a purifier and instrumentality successful one.

How agelong volition it last?

The Starkvind has a filter beingness of astir six months, aft which it tin easy beryllium replaced. The plan itself is sturdy, with intelligent plan choices to support imaginable ingress points. While I wouldn’t effort lasting connected it, the Starkvind should past for years arsenic a broadside array oregon extremity table.

Should you bargain it?

Yes. If you don’t caput assembling it yourself, the Starkvind makes for an charismatic portion of furnishings and an effectual aerial purifier. While I would similar to spot much functionality successful the app — and to spot the adjacent iteration of the Starkvind present thing caller to the aerial purifier abstraction — this 1 is simply a coagulated buy.

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