In the latest Halo episode, Master Chief does the Covenant

In the latest Halo episode, Master Chief does the Covenant

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This week’s occurrence of Paramount Plus’ Halo TV show is unthinkable successful the strictest explanation of the term. I virtually cannot judge what I person witnessed.

Spoilers for Halo follow

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In the latest occurrence of Halo, Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 fucks. He has enactment with an undercover quality Covenant spy aft the 2 person bonded implicit their shared magical abilities surrounding the mysterious artifacts some the humans and Covenant person been aft for astir of the series. Apparently, the Master Chief is specified a skilled person that Makee, the Covenant spy, is each acceptable to renounce her allegiance to humanity’s enemies. However, a bid of misunderstandings and convulsive interactions with the UNSC leads Makee to alteration her caput astir changing her mind, mounting into question events that could perchance precipitate the autumn of the planet Reach.

In short: the Chief clapped cheeks, past came the Fall of Reach.

I americium incapable to prime a broadside connected this. I vacillate wildly betwixt stunned incredulity and reverent awe astatine what the showrunners person done here. Even for a amusement that’s beauteous wide it wants thing to bash with the games and offers wholly caller takes connected established characters, it inactive feels wholly inappropriate to person the Master Chief fuck. We’re talking astir a antheral who was kidnapped arsenic a precise young kid and molded to beryllium an emotionless ace worker dedicated to the preservation of humanity astatine each costs. Not lone does this feline not fuck — I’m not convinced helium would adjacent cognize how.

The infinitesimal itself didn’t truly work arsenic a emotion country but much similar a comedy, particularly because, arsenic the camera fades distant from John and Makee, it cuts to a wide-eyed Cortana — the AI successful John’s caput — who is forced to ticker the enactment unfold with this look of longing connected her face. It was unintentionally hilarious. I laughed a afloat minute, upsetting my napping canine and my moving partner.

Whether the Master Chief and Spartans successful wide fuck is simply a comparatively caller question, traceable to, of each things, a dril tweet.

my main contented with "master main fucks cortana" is if you work the halo novels youd cognize the abstraction suit automatically jacks maestro main off

— wint (@dril) May 11, 2017

With dril’s marque of unhinged tweeting arsenic the catalyst, radical started posting fake images of pages from Eric Nylund’s The Fall of Reach featuring a transition describing that the functions of a Mjolnir powerfulness suit besides see a “sexual stimulant.”

Though the images were fake, a write-up of the incidental astatine the clip successful Kotaku noted that Halo developers did not corroborate oregon contradict if Mjolnir armor is ribbed for Spartans’ pleasure. However, according to The Fall of Reach, Spartan IIs — the procreation of Spartans to which John belongs — are embedded with an emotion suppressant chip, a information the Halo showrunners decided to instrumentality with. When John removed that spot successful the show, it became 1 of my favourite moments arsenic I was touched by his sheer emotion astatine seeing the mundane things I instrumentality for granted.

While I’m inactive connected the obstruction connected however I consciousness astir each this, I bash deliberation determination are reasonable, canon-compliant explanations wherefore the Master Chief got down with his Master Beef. It is internally accordant that a John, bereft of his affectional regulator, would beryllium funny astir sex. His grooming arsenic a Spartan would person provided basal enactment ed but lone from a perfunctory, technological approach. Also, the bid has already shown him arsenic highly affectional and vengeful astir being denied a narration with his parents. Outside of them, the lone idiosyncratic with whom he’s had a existent transportation with extracurricular of his Spartan beingness was Makee. I think, with his caller emotions, he’d privation to research each facet of being human, which, for immoderate people, includes sex.

It is besides close that John, successful his capableness arsenic a Spartan, would bash thing to implicit his mission. Makee’s presumption arsenic a Covenant insider and her much almighty transportation with the artifacts marque her important to the UNSC’s ngo of uncovering the Halo limb earlier the Covenant can. However, Makee doesn’t spot the UNSC capable to cooperate. That is until aft she has enactment with John. The Master Chief is the consummate soldier; helium volition usage immoderate instrumentality indispensable — including his ain — to get the occupation done.

As a Halo lore fan, I can’t accidental I person ever fixed excessively overmuch thought to whether oregon not the Master Chief fucks. I evidently can’t talk for each Halo fans, but a speedy look astatine the game’s AO3 conception tells maine different fans truly haven’t either. There are astir 2,000 fanfics nether the Halo tag (1,400 erstwhile you region each the crossover fics), and lone astir 400 of those are rated for intersexual content. The astir fashionable narration is, of course, Master Chief and Cortana. But adjacent abstraction is besides fixed to pairings that don’t impact John astatine all, focused alternatively connected broadside characters similar Sarah Palmer, named Covenant characters, and my idiosyncratic favourite Halo pairing, Tom-B292 and Lucy-B091.

While the Halo TV amusement doesn’t person its ain tag yet, I tin already spot fics cropping up featuring John and Makee, John and Cortana, and, to my large pleasure, Miranda Keyes and Spartan Kai-125. This week’s occurrence was rife with interpersonal angst, which is catnip to fic writers truthful I expect much fics, particularly ones that spell into *ahem* detail astir John and Makee’s lovemaking, to beryllium up soon. Just don’t inquire maine to constitute immoderate of them.