Intel and CLX somehow stuffed two PCs inside a single case

Intel and CLX somehow stuffed two PCs inside a single case

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If 1 PC is not enough, wherefore not spell for 2 PCs? CLX has conscionable made that conception a batch much applicable by stuffing 2 computers wrong a azygous case.

Made successful practice with Intel, the strategy shares immoderate components and doubles up connected others, creating a afloat functional dual-PC setup. Is this going to beryllium each streamer’s imagination rig?

The CLX and Intel proof-of-concept PC.CLX/Wccftech

This fancy-looking PC is the emotion kid of CLX and Intel, and much precisely, Intel NUC — it utilizes an Intel NUC 12 Extreme compute paper successful bid to harvester 2 PCs into what is fundamentally a azygous system.

For streamers, contented creators, and different PC users successful request of immoderate other oomph, it mightiness beryllium hard to support bully show portion moving aggregate processes each astatine once. This is wherefore galore nonrecreational streamers usage 2 computers — 1 for streaming and 1 for gaming. Streaming is simply a resource-heavy task, truthful erstwhile you’re playing an AAA title, adjacent the best CPU mightiness struggle.

CLX seems keen to lick that (admittedly reasonably niche) occupation by adding that 2nd PC into the archetypal PC, letting them coexist and divided immoderate components. The benefits are decidedly there, starting from practicalities similar space-saving, to much important aspects specified arsenic vigor usage.

The 2 PCs person the aforesaid case, powerfulness supply, liquid cooling system, fans, and graphics card. However, determination are 2 processors successful determination (both a Core i9-12900K), accompanied by 2 sets of 32GB RAM, 1 astatine 5,600MHz, 1 astatine 3,200MHz, and a boatload of storage. In total, determination are 4 drives: Two SSDs for the operating system, a 4TB HDD, and a 2TB SSD.

CLX and Intel NUC dual PC.CLX

The thought seems to person travel from Intel, but CLX approached it with excitement. CLX’s manager of selling and product, Jorge Percival, was quoted by Wccftech, saying the following:

“When Intel archetypal approached america with this concept, we were instantly intrigued astatine the anticipation of successfully combining 2 PCs successful 1 build. Now that it’s been realized, our squad is excited astir the interaction it volition person connected efficiency, not conscionable successful gaming, but crossed truthful galore different industries, including streaming and contented creation.”

This amusive physique was revealed astatine the Intel TwitchCon Party, and CLX has plans to amusement it disconnected connected its Twitch channel connected Tuesday, October 11, astatine 6 p.m. ET.

This PC is simply a impervious of concept, truthful portion it proves that it tin beryllium done, it’s not retired for merchantability yet, and we don’t cognize if, oregon when, it volition go available. However, CLX surely seems anxious to germinate the idea, truthful we mightiness spot these beasts successful stores eventually. While astir of america person virtually nary usage for a PC similar this, it’s inactive amusive to spot that it tin beryllium done.

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