Intel Arc Alchemist GPU – release date, price, specs, and benchmarks

Intel Arc Alchemist GPU – release date, price, specs, and benchmarks

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Arc Alchemist has arrived, and the caller Intel GPU could vie with the best graphics cards by Nvidia and AMD. Not lone does the caller graphics marque boast gaming PC features similar AI-enhanced Xe Supersampling – oregon XeSS for abbreviated – but Deep Link Technology aims to boost show successful hardware-accelerated tasks.

Intel has managed to support its Alchemist cards mostly nether wraps, but this hasn’t stopped benchmarks and spec sheets leaking up of the authoritative motorboat date. First revealed successful August, squad bluish was expected to propulsion backmost the curtain connected its Xe-HPG based graphics cards during CES 2022, but unluckily didn’t stock adjacent a crumb of caller details.

The Arc Alchemist Intel graphics paper lineup faces stiff contention from the likes of Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3000 and AMD’s RX 6000 cards, and next-gen GPU options could heap connected much unit this year. That said, squad bluish has agelong word plans for its armada of Arc graphics options, and we could spot the institution merchandise caller contenders every twelvemonth up to 2025.

Here’s everything we cognize astir the caller Intel GPU:

The authoritative  Intel Arc logo, utilized  for the company's graphics cards

Intel Arc Alchemist GPU merchandise date

Gaming laptops featuring Arc GPUs are disposable now, and the remainder of the lineup is scheduled to get successful Summer 2022. This includes an Arc 5 and Arc 7 tier of mobile chipsets and a “limited edition” Intel graphics card that caters to high-end gaming PC enthusiasts.

Igor’s Lab claims that we could spot high-end Alchemist cards motorboat sometime betwixt May 2 and June 1 of this year. Their sources assertion that Intel wanted to merchandise its astir performative cards anterior to these dates, but was forced to postpone for undisclosed reasons.

A practice   of however  Intel XeSS AI-enhanced upscaling works

Intel Arc Alchemist GPU price

Intel has kept quiescent regarding the terms of its Arc Alchemist graphics cards, and determination haven’t been immoderate leaks that mightiness springiness america a hint astatine immoderate benignant of MSRP. However, we bash cognize that Intel is moving with committee partners similar Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI to supply aggregate variants of its GPUs, thing that should assistance facilitate a assortment of terms points.

Intel's elder  vice president   Raja Koduri, brandishing an Intel Arc t-shirt and wafer

Intel Arc Alchemist GPU specs

Arc Alchemist cards volition beryllium the archetypal Intel components built with the company’s Xe-HPG (Xe-High Performance Graphics) architecture, different known arsenic ‘DG2’. They’ll enactment ray tracing and an Nvidia DLSS rival dubbed XeSS to equilibrium prime and boost fps.

Intel hasn’t revealed the specs of its desktop Arc graphics paper conscionable yet, but it has afloat unveiled details relating to five discrete options. Just similar with the company’s best gaming CPUs, the Arc Alchemist scope is divided up into 3 tiers – Arc 3, 5, and 7, with the second representing high-end mobile graphics solutions.

Here are the Intel GPU specs we cognize truthful far:

Model VRAM (GDDR6) Xe cores Raytracing cores
A350M 4GB 6 6
A370M 6GB 8 8
A550M 8GB 16 16
A730M 12GB 24 24
A770M 16GB 32 32

 Spec array  for discrete A-series laptops graphics

Intel Arc Alchemist GPU benchmarks

Initial reports bespeak that the Intel A500 oregon A700 Arc GPU volition rival the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070. We have, however, seen immoderate leaks that bespeak that the Intel A380 performs likewise to an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Super.

However, similar each leaks, these benchmarks should beryllium taken with a atom of salt, particularly ones that get good earlier Alchemist’s merchandise date. As soon arsenic we get our hands connected Intel’s GPUs, we’ll beryllium blessed to stock our framework complaint graphs and different findings.

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