Intel ditches Nvidia for its own Arc GPU in new NUC mini PC

Intel ditches Nvidia for its own Arc GPU in new NUC mini PC

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Intel NUC 12 mini PC laying connected  its side.
(Image credit: Intel)

A idiosyncratic connected the forums of Chinese tech elephantine Baidu has posted evident confirmation of the adjacent procreation of Intel NUC mini PCs, including a elaborate hardware breakdown (please enactment that the leafage linked determination is successful Chinese).

Naturally, the NUC 12 – codenamed ‘Serpent Canyon’, pursuing up from the ‘Phantom Canyon’ NUC 11 – volition beryllium utilizing a caller 12th-generation Alder Lake i7-12700H processor from Intel, upgrading from the i7-1165G7 recovered successful its predecessor. This unsocial is simply a important upgrade, but what's much absorbing is the graphics card.

While the erstwhile NUC 11 models each utilized Nvidia GeForce GPUs (up to the RTX 3080 recovered successful the console-killing NUC 11 Extreme), the NUC 12 is stated to usage Intel’s ain Arc A770M laptop GPU instead. With 32 Xe-cores and 16GB of video memory, the A770M is presently the highest-spec graphics paper successful Intel’s Arc mobile lineup and is already appearing elsewhere successful gaming laptops.

While we don’t cognize precisely however good the A770M performs conscionable yet, expectations enactment it successful the aforesaid show ballpark arsenic Nvidia’s RTX 3060 Ti - successful different words, a decent prime for 1080p gaming. There’s nary quality connected however overmuch the NUC 12 volition outgo yet, nor a merchandise date, though the Baidu forum idiosyncratic does assertion that it volition beryllium ‘available soon’.

The Intel NUC bid are small-form-factor PCs that tin beryllium utilized for a assortment of purposes, chiefly for usage successful concern and acquisition environments wherever there’s nary abstraction for a full-size desktop. However, immoderate NUCs are designed with gaming successful mind, and this caller exemplary seems to acceptable that bill.

A antheral   wearing a colorful garment  and a headset plays a generic phantasy  crippled  connected  an Intel NUC 12 mini PC connected to a dual-screen setup.

(Image credit: Intel)

Analysis: Is China the staging crushed for the opening of a GPU war?

This was possibly an inevitable determination from Intel present that its Arc graphics cards are yet hitting the marketplace (albeit lone successful China truthful far). While Intel mightiness realistically beryllium gunning for its CPU rival AMD, Nvidia inactive holds the biggest chunk of the discrete GPU marketplace truthful it wouldn’t marque overmuch consciousness for Intel to proceed utilizing a large competitor’s hardware successful its products.

Intel’s laser absorption connected the Chinese marketplace for the caller Arc GPUs has been interesting, and has made the manufacturer’s goals reasonably clear. It precise overmuch looks similar Intel isn’t aiming to situation Nvidia’s dominance of the high-end graphics paper arena, but alternatively to instrumentality connected AMD astatine the much affordable extremity of the market.

Chinese consumers (and the Asian marketplace arsenic a whole) are much funny successful fund GPUs, particularly fixed the prevalence of net cafes successful that portion of the world. Still, Intel’s rollout of the caller Arc cards hasn’t precisely been smooth. High archetypal prices connected the Arc A380 desktop and faltering archetypal show figures from the Arc A7 cards have painted a troubled representation of Intel's long-awaited instrumentality to the GPU market.

We reached retired to Intel for comment, and had our suspicions confirmed that the Chinese marketplace is being targeted archetypal due to the fact that of the prevalence of fund GPUs there. Intel besides added that they program to ‘scale Arc A-series 3 graphics products with our partners globally successful the coming weeks’ and noted that the Arc rollout has been heavy affected by ‘software readiness delays’ and COVID-19 lockdowns.

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