Intel is building a new €17 billion semiconductor manufacturing hub in Germany

Intel is building a new €17 billion semiconductor manufacturing hub in Germany

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Intel has announced a massive caller investment successful its European manufacturing sites, with a caller €17 cardinal “leading-edge semiconductor fab mega-site” successful Germany, and a €12 cardinal enlargement of its existing Ireland fab.

The institution is besides gathering a caller R&D and plan hub successful France, and plans to put successful further areas successful Ireland, Italy, Poland, and Spain for manufacturing, foundry services, and research. All told, Intel is readying to put implicit €33 cardinal successful its archetypal question of European R&D and manufacturing, arsenic portion of a full of €80 cardinal invested successful the EU implicit the adjacent decade.

The caller German tract volition dwell of 2 semiconductor fabs successful Magdeburg, with operation acceptable to commencement successful the archetypal fractional of 2023 up of planned accumulation successful 2027. They’ll nutrient Intel’s next-generation “Angstrom-era” products (which would see the upcoming Intel 20A and Intel 18A nodes that the institution elaborate past year). The caller fabs won’t conscionable beryllium making chips for Intel, either: the extremity is for the tract to assistance nutrient chips for Intel Foundry Services customers, too. Intel says that the Germany task volition spot 7,000 caller jobs for constructing the monolithic caller fabs, on with 3,000 imperishable jobs astatine Intel erstwhile the fab starts accumulation successful a fewer years.

Meanwhile, the Ireland enlargement aims to treble Intel’s manufacturing abstraction astatine the company’s existing site, and bring the upcoming Intel 4 node to its European manufacturing sites.

The caller European concern comes arsenic portion of Intel’s “IDM 2.0” strategy introduced by CEO Pat Gelsinger erstwhile helium took the instrumentality of the institution a twelvemonth ago. Since then, Intel has announced a monolithic $20 cardinal concern into its existing Arizona sites, on with a likewise ample $20 cardinal concern for a caller Ohio site that Intel claims volition beryllium the “largest silicon manufacturing determination connected the planet.”

Investment successful manufacturing sites is simply a blistery taxable for the silicon industry, arsenic proviso shortages for semiconductors proceed to wreak havoc with proviso chains, merchandise availability, and prices for everything from PlayStation 5 consoles to cars. It’s not conscionable Intel, either: TSMC and Samsung person announced large plans for caller spot accumulation sites (both internationally and successful the US), too. But portion manufacturing capabilities could assistance with proviso issues, fixed the agelong pb clip for constructing caller fabs, it’ll apt beryllium immoderate clip earlier the interaction of these caller investments are felt.