Intel, move over — this may be the most powerful CPU ever

Intel, move over — this may be the most powerful CPU ever

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Tachyum has conscionable announced the Prodigy T16128 Universal Processor, a CPU that comes with 128 cores and a full batch of computing power.

Although you won’t beryllium capable to instal it wrong your desktop PC, it whitethorn beryllium a superior rival for Intel successful the high-performance computing (HPC) arena.

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The specifications of Tachyum’s Prodigy CPU are genuinely mind-boggling. The flagship variant comes with 128 64-bit CPU cores that tin deed speeds of up to 5.7GHz. It besides comes with 16 DDR5 representation controllers and 64 PCIe 5.0 lanes. As tin beryllium seen from the specs, this is simply a processor you whitethorn find successful places that necessitate high-performance computing.

According to Tachyum, Prodigy is the archetypal “universal processor” successful the world. It tin tackle A.I. and instrumentality learning workloads alongside assorted different computing tasks, and we genuinely mean the astir taxing tasks you tin ideate — aft all, it wasn’t made truthful monstrously almighty for nothing.

While it sounds awesome connected paper, Intel and Nvidia some person their ain HPC offerings that tin bash the job. But Tachyum seems convinced that it made thing acold better. It stands retired by being an all-in-one benignant of spot that tin tally each mode of tasks, but it’s a batch much power-conservative than its rivals and seems to person been produced astatine a overmuch little cost.

As reported by Tom’s Hardware, Tachyum promises to present show that’s up to 4 times amended than the Intel Xeon 8470 arsenic good arsenic triple the show of Nvidia’s H100 successful HPC workloads. This benignant of show is made imaginable by the chip’s innovative architecture.

Most server hardware made by Tachyum’s well-known competitors, specified arsenic Nvidia, Intel, and AMD, is focused connected performing idiosyncratic tasks with small overlap. Simply put, each small artifact has its ain task, and information has to beryllium transferred from 1 artifact to the adjacent successful bid for everything to function. Tachyum took a antithetic attack with the Prodigy and it volition beryllium susceptible of moving each kinds of resource-heavy workloads wrong a azygous spot connected idiosyncratic cores.

Intel Xeon silicon.

The quality to multitask to specified an grade without relying connected different hardware is thing abbreviated of impressive, and fixed the allegedly debased pricing of the server chip, it could truly interruption caller crushed and rival Intel processors successful a large way. Toning down the powerfulness depletion successful examination to Intel besides equals a little outgo to usage Tachyum, not conscionable to bargain it. After all, this means that companies whitethorn beryllium capable to battalion much of these chips, expanding their capabilities.

The apical spot successful the lineup is said to beryllium capable to execute 12 A.I. PetaFLOPs and 90 TeraFLOPs worthy of HPC workloads. Tom’s Hardware compares this to Nvidia’s A100, and the results are undeniable — the A100 maxes retired astatine 5 A.1. PetaFLOPs.

Tachyum Prodigy was built from scratch with matrix and vector processing capabilities. As a result, it tin enactment an awesome scope of antithetic information types, specified arsenic FP64, FP32, BF16, FP8, and TF32. It besides comes with 128MB of combined L2 and L3 cache. We cognize that it features a 5nm process node, but we bash not cognize the source.

This beastly CPU scope volition besides beryllium disposable successful a 64-core and 32-core variant, but the motorboat is not happening conscionable yet. Production is acceptable to statesman successful 2023.

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