Intel Raptor Lake could start a new era of CPU clock speeds

Intel Raptor Lake could start a new era of CPU clock speeds

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Intel Raptor Lake processors should get connected the country by the extremity of this year, and their coming could awesome the opening of a caller epoch of CPU timepiece speeds. Reports suggest that squad bluish mightiness beryllium moving connected a spot that volition interruption the 5.0GHz ceiling we’ve recovered ourselves nether for the past respective years.

Hardware leaker OneRaichu says astatine slightest 1 Intel Raptor Lake processor whitethorn turbo each the mode up to a staggeringly precocious 6.0GHz. This would marque it the archetypal spot of Intel silicon to beryllium officially specced astatine specified a speed, making it a premier campaigner for the rubric of best gaming CPU.

However, OneRaichu says this volition apt lone beryllium imaginable utilizing Intel Thermal Velocity Boost, and it’s apt that lone 1 oregon 2 cores volition beryllium capable to deed 6.0GHz. The processor successful question astir apt isn’t a “normal SKU,” they say, perchance indicating that a Core i9 13900KS could beryllium successful the works.

No 1 tin accidental with immoderate certainty however a 6.0GHz Intel Raptor Lake CPU volition vie against its AMD Ryzen 7000 competition, arsenic timepiece speeds are but 1 of galore factors that impact processor performance. And, of course, this being a rumour, you mightiness privation to play your expectations with a steadfast dose of salt.