Intel’s Arc Alchemist GPUs have vanished into thin air

Intel’s Arc Alchemist GPUs have vanished into thin air

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Intel officially launched its highly anticipated Arc Alchemist GPUs, albeit for laptops, at the extremity of March. However, it seems that Team Blue has not really released its mobile discrete graphics cards astatine all.

As reported by VideoCardz, Intel re-entered the GPU manufacture with a full of 3 entry-level GPUs from its Arc 3 range. Surprisingly, you cannot find fto unsocial acquisition a laptop equipped with an Arc A350 oregon A370M, according to respective reports.

A render of Intel Arc Alchemist chip.

VideoCardz had inquired astir the concern by asking its followers connected Twitter whether idiosyncratic had received an Arc-powered laptop. The question yielded nary affirmative responses.

Based solely connected outer reports, it seems that Intel has once again delayed its motorboat of Arc Alchemist, contempt the information that, well, it officially launched past week.

Corroborating the aforementioned reports is an authoritative connection from Intel.

Intel’s graphics part had shared a video connected Twitter that showcased an Intel Arc GPU diagnostic being capable to “deliver higher prime videos with improved compression.” A idiosyncratic had asked the institution “when tin we really bargain them?,” to which it responded that mobile systems with an Intel Arc graphics paper volition beryllium “available for acquisition by the extremity of the 2nd 4th of 2022.”

Hi! Laptops with Intel ARC volition beryllium disposable for acquisition by the extremity of the 2nd 4th of 2022. We suggest you travel our newsroom astatine for each the updates.

— Intel Support (@IntelSupport) April 6, 2022

However, arsenic VideoCardz aptly points out, the supra connection — which has yet to beryllium corrected oregon updated by Intel — could beryllium associated with the company’s implicit Arc scope for laptops oregon the high-end Arc 5 and 7 series.

The lone contented present is that Intel suggested that it has so launched immoderate ranges during its Arc presumption past week: The A350M and A370M were both shown as “Available starting now.”

VideoCardz besides stressed that it has received assorted inquiries from its readers asking astir which retailers are selling a laptop that is outfitted with an Arc GPU, but they — nor I, for that substance — tin find immoderate online outlets presently making them disposable for purchase.


Arc Alchemist customers receiving older Intel GPU instead

Even earlier it was officially revealed, a leak made it look likely that the Samsung Book2 Pro laptop would beryllium among the archetypal products that came with Intel’s caller discrete graphics cards. After it was confirmed that the merchandise would so beryllium powered by an Arc GPU, the strategy could beryllium pre-ordered from March 17th.

Amazingly, according to reports connected Samsung’s authoritative forum, erstwhile the customers who paid for the Samsung Book2 Pro (via online retailer B&H) received their laptops, immoderate confirmed that it came with Intel’s Iris XE GPU alternatively of an Arc Alchemist unit, contempt selecting the second arsenic an enactment astatine the clip of purchase.

Other individuals who contacted VideoCardz besides mirrored the reports connected the Samsung forum, stating their systems did not travel with an Arc graphics paper either.

Elsewhere, a Samsung Care ambassador said that Intel Arc “was an optional diagnostic but for immoderate reason, Samsung removed the listing from the website. It was listed for merchantability but it is nary longer available.”

Ultimately, erstwhile taking the supra reports into consideration, each signs constituent toward Intel delaying its archetypal Arc Alchemist GPUs erstwhile again without seemingly telling anyone. The institution is reportedly scheduled to launch its desktop Arc graphics cards successful the coming months, truthful Intel’s program could beryllium to motorboat them simultaneously.

That said, the institution has stated successful the past it wants to travel a tiered merchandise docket for its video cards arsenic opposed to introducing each of its ranges astatine the aforesaid time.

Intel antecedently stressed it hopes to vessel 4 cardinal Arc GPUs this year, but apparently, the manufacture is inactive waiting connected the archetypal portion to beryllium shipped.

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