iPhone 14 rumor points to confusing chipset switcheroo

iPhone 14 rumor points to confusing chipset switcheroo

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iPhone 13 Pro
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We've been proceeding rumors that the iPhone 14 bid could launch with a chipset split, with the Pro and Pro Max getting a caller spot but the modular and Max phones getting the aforesaid A15 Bionic arsenic the iPhone 13. A caller rumor says the aforesaid - but with a fruity twist.

According to iDrop News, the 2 lower-end iPhone 14 models volition get a spot called the A16 Bionic - that's really conscionable a rebranded A15. The rumor continues that the existent brand-new spot volition beryllium called the A16 Pro.

The study says Apple is doing this arsenic it's struggling to nutrient capable caller A16 Pro and M2 chipsets, and truthful is moving connected solutions to guarantee it tin inactive merchantability arsenic galore iPhones arsenic possible.

This enactment of reasoning makes sense, though renaming the chipset mightiness instrumentality immoderate radical into believing the telephone has a newer chipset, and is much powerful, than it truly is.

While the chipset divided has been rumored by loads of sources, this unusual naming alteration has lone been mentioned by this 1 site, truthful we won't instrumentality it arsenic gospel conscionable yet.

Analysis: we'll request a large change

We haven't seen a large Apple iPhone redesign for a fewer years, and we're not expecting immoderate monumental shakeup for the iPhone 14.

However 1 of the upgrades we tin number connected is simply a caller chipset each twelvemonth - truthful if Apple uses the aforesaid chipset successful the iPhone 14 and 14 Max arsenic it did successful the iPhone 13 series, adjacent that measurement up won't travel along.

If so, Apple volition truly request to find different betterment it tin bring to the iPhone 14, to marque definite buyers inactive privation it alternatively of the older alternative, which volition apt beryllium a small much affordable owed to being a twelvemonth old.

Some rumors person suggested the iPhone 14 volition suffer the notch utilized connected the iPhone 13, but it's not wide if this is each members of the line, oregon conscionable the 2 Pro devices. 

Perhaps we'll spot immoderate superior camera oregon show improvements to marque the iPhone 14 phones a measurement up - camera and surface tech manufacturing hasn't been arsenic severely affected by the chipset shortage as... well, chipsets. But that remains to beryllium seen.

So it's astir apt harmless not to get excessively excited for the iPhone 14 conscionable yet - that mode you won't get disappointed if determination are nary upgrades, and if determination are, you get that pleasant surprise.

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