iPhone 6 users can no longer access Twitter, and they’re not happy

iPhone 6 users can no longer access Twitter, and they’re not happy

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The latest update to the Twitter app has killed disconnected enactment for iOS 12, with the latest mentation of the app present requiring iOS 14 oregon aboriginal successful bid to relation – and that means users of the iPhone 6, which can’t beryllium updated beyond iOS 12, tin nary longer entree each of Twitter’s features. 

While we can’t get clasp of an iPhone 6 to spot for ourselves, users crossed Twitter person been complaining astir losing entree to galore features connected their phones, pursuing the update.

Without the enactment to upgrade beyond iOS 12, it’s plain to spot wherefore iPhone 6 users, on with owners of the iPad Air and 6th-generation iPod Touch, are a spot miffed astir the Twitter app's latest requirement.

Users stuck connected iOS 12 study that portion they tin inactive spot tweets connected their timeline, the remainder of the app nary longer functions correctly. 

Thankfully for users who are inactive clinging to their iPhone 6, it is not a wholly mislaid cause, arsenic it is inactive imaginable to usage Twitter connected the device, arsenic the web lawsuit inactive functions without issue, but it’s hardly a cleanable solution/it’s nary substitute for the afloat app experience.

Analysis: a shocking twist that was a agelong clip coming

Although the nonaccomplishment of afloat app functionality has travel arsenic a daze to galore iPhone 6 users, the demise of Twitter connected iOS 12 has been a agelong clip coming, arsenic the societal media elephantine officially dropped enactment for the astir four-year-old operating strategy successful aboriginal 2021. 

Even aft authoritative enactment for the app stopped connected iOS 12, iPhone 6 users were inactive capable to bask the halfway functionality of the app, albeit without the caller features of the latest versions. 

Looking astatine the numbers though, it’s nary astonishment that Twitter volition person wanted to scuttle the older mentation of the app. According to Apple, lone 2% of iPhone users are inactive utilizing a mentation of iOS that’s older than iOS 14, which makes maintaining an aging mentation of the Twitter app a mostly worthless but nevertheless costly endeavor. 

Regardless of the information that this determination lone affects 2% of Apple’s users who person stuck with their seven-year-old devices, it’s nevertheless a reminder that planned obsolescence is precise overmuch an contented that volition travel for each our devices eventually. 

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