Is there a Surfshark free trial? What you need to know

Is there a Surfshark free trial? What you need to know

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Lucas Coll

By October 9, 2022 9:55AM

Surfshark is 1 of the best VPN services successful 2022, and it’s besides among the astir feature-rich and affordable. It’s not free, however, but if you’re looking to motion up for a virtual backstage web and aren’t yet 100% definite you privation to manus implicit your hard-earned cash, it makes consciousness to look for a work that provides a escaped proceedings period. We’ve got the scoop connected the Surfshark escaped proceedings close here, on with immoderate answers to different questions you mightiness have.

Is determination a Surfshark escaped trial?

Surfshark interface displayed connected  a Mac screen.

Most VPN operators bash not connection escaped trials, but Surfshark is an exception. There’s nary NordVPN escaped trial, for example, conscionable arsenic determination is nary ExpressVPN escaped trial — these are arguably the 2 astir fashionable virtual backstage web services successful the world, and similar astir others, they connection a 30-day money-back warrant but you inactive person to wage arsenic soon arsenic you motion up (you tin inactive cancel and get a refund with that 30-day period, though

). By contrast, determination is a seven-day Surfshark escaped trial, but there’s a catch: It’s lone disposable for the Android, iOS, and MacOS Surfshark VPN client. You bash person to manus implicit your outgo accusation and marque your relationship to entree the trial, arsenic well. Surfshark inactive offers the industry-standard 30-day money-back guarantee, though, and that applies to the full service, truthful you tin springiness it a rotation risk-free for 1 month.

Can you get Surfshark for free?

There’s presently nary mode to get Surfshark for free; the seven-day Surfshark escaped proceedings is beauteous overmuch it, and arsenic mentioned above, it’s lone for the mobile and MacOS VPN client. VPN providers besides seldom enactment successful third-party promotions that would fto you motion up for their services for free. We mostly suggest that you don’t usage a escaped VPN, either. The champion ones — Surfshark included — are paid. The bully quality that they’re not that expensive, and determination are astir ever VPN deals connected tap.

Are determination immoderate Surfshark deals?

The Surfshark logo connected  a bluish  background.Surfshark

VPN deals abound, with virtual backstage web operators regularly moving promotions for caller subscribers. Along with offering its seven-day VPN escaped trial, Surfshark besides gets successful connected these deals. Generally, you tin motion up for astir VPNs connected a monthly oregon yearly billing ground (some providers besides connection quarterly oregon six-month subscriptions), and the much “time” you buy, the little your per-month mean outgo is. The terms for a flexible month-to-month subscription is simply a higher monthly payment, truthful by opting for a longer subscription term, you tin prevention immoderate cash. Of course, you person to prepay, and past you’re fundamentally locked into that subscription program aft your “money backmost guarantee” clip play is up, if determination is one.

Surfshark’s existent regular pricing comes to $13 per month, $48 for the archetypal twelvemonth (which averages to $4 per month), oregon $60 for the archetypal 2 years (for an mean monthly outgo of conscionable $2.50). The 24-month program is intelligibly the champion value, and with an mean monthly terms of little than $3 per month, this makes Surfshark 1 of the cheapest VPNs retired there. However, close now, Surfshark is sweetening the woody adjacent further: Enter codification surfsharkdeal at the bid leafage and you’ll get an further 2 months added to your two-year program for free. That gives you a full of 26 months of work with an mean monthly terms of $2.30.

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