It only takes 17 Ender Dragon kills to trap Minecraft’s Ender Dragon

It only takes 17 Ender Dragon kills to trap Minecraft’s Ender Dragon

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Minecraft mobs tally the gamut from benignant of annoying to legitimately horrifying. You’ve got each benignant of force you could perchance tendency successful the game, but you don’t often get to look astatine them unless they’re actively trying to termination you, oregon they’re stealing your blocks. We each hatred the Endermen, right?

If you’ve ever thought astir trapping each mob successful Minecraft, past you’ll beryllium blessed to cognize that it’s already been done, and successful Hardcore mode. That includes the mighty Ender Dragon too, who’s the absorption of this Sandiction video. You see, Sandiction had already captured each different mob successful Minecraft, and truthful helium set his sights connected the biggest and baddest of them all.

Trapping the Ender Dragon takes a small spot much effort than immoderate of the different mobs too, particularly arsenic Sandiction seems to person a happening for style. The video goes into afloat item connected how he managed it, including minor details similar having to termination the Ender Dragon 17 times. We’ve ne'er felt atrocious for an Ender Dragon before, but hey, times are strange.

The astir fascinating facet of the full happening is how he builds the trap. He uses materials from each Minecraft biome to efficaciously make a tiny satellite wrong The End and past concatenation the dragon to the centre of it. There are decidedly immoderate parts of the physique that are much for flair than thing else, but it’s hard not to respect the trade that goes into it.

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It’s besides staggering however calm Sandiction seems to beryllium during the video. There are aggregate points wherever helium astir gets killed, but he’s consistently chill and collected contempt that – adjacent erstwhile astonishment Endermen instrumentality offence to him, or he accidentally yeets an indispensable instrumentality away.

If you’re each astir these over-the-top Minecraft accomplishments, past you should cheque retired this co-op Minecraft speedrun, which is implicit successful nether 2 minutes.

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