Jared Leto explains the origin of Morbius in new video

Jared Leto explains the origin of Morbius in new video

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After his crook arsenic Joker successful Suicide Squad, Jared Leto could person been satisfied with playing 1 of the astir iconic comic publication characters of each time. But successful Morbius, Leto has an accidental to represent a quality who is some the leader and the villain of his ain story. Dr. Michael Morbius whitethorn not beryllium arsenic celebrated arsenic the Clown Prince of Crime, but Leto is capable precocious explained what drew him to the relation successful a caller featurette from Sony.

In the video below, Leto besides recaps Marvel’s root of Morbius successful wide strokes. After all, immoderate of that worldly has to beryllium saved for the last film. Regardless, the bosom of Morbius’ comic publication past remains intact successful the movie. The antihero suffers from a uncommon humor illness that claims thousands of lives each year. He is precise alert of his ain pending mortality erstwhile helium comes up with a cure that utilizes vampire bats. The bully quality is that the cure works. Unfortunately, the broadside effects person transformed Morbius into a surviving vampire.

What’s the quality betwixt a surviving vampire and a regular vampire? Not a full lot. Morbius’ abilities are fundamentally supernatural successful quality adjacent though helium gained them done “scientific” means. But since helium ne'er really died, determination is inactive the anticipation that Morbius tin find a cure for his existent condition. First, Morbius volition person to conflict his newfound interior demons, arsenic good arsenic a treacherous “friend” who covets his powers.

Jared Leto successful  Morbius.

When Morbius goes afloat vampire, helium has a look lone his parent could love. That said, Martine Bancroft (Adria Arjona) whitethorn beryllium the 1 pistillate whose emotion tin prevention him. She is his fiancée, but much importantly, she is besides a scientist. On the other broadside is Loxias Crown (Matt Smith). Once, Loxias/Milo and Morbius were puerility friends. They adjacent shared the aforesaid humor affliction. But present that Morbius has recovered his “cure,” Loxias volition bash thing to person it for himself.

Al Madrigal and Tyrese Gibson besides prima successful the movie arsenic FBI agents Alberto Rodriguez and Simon Stroud, respectively. Morbius’ rampage has not gone unnoticed by the government, and it’s their occupation to bring him down immoderate mode that they can.

Daniel Espinosa directed the movie from a publication by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. Morbius volition haunt theaters connected Friday, April 1.

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