Kamala Khan finds her power in first Ms. Marvel trailer

Kamala Khan finds her power in first Ms. Marvel trailer

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Moon Knight is 2 weeks away, but Marvel Studios is already looking up to this summer’s show. Newcomer Iman Vellani is making her acting debut arsenic Kamala Khan successful Disney+’s Ms. Marvel. Kamala is besides 1 of the biggest occurrence stories to travel retired of Marvel successful the past 10 years since the fanbase has latched connected to her arsenic a modern Peter Parker with immoderate cardinal differences.

The archetypal trailer for Ms. Marvel introduces Kamala arsenic a emblematic teenage miss who possibly spends a small spot excessively overmuch clip fantasizing astir superheroes. In a cute detail, we spot comic publication thought bubbles and connection balloons astir Kamala whenever she gets the accidental to fto her caput wander. She’s besides good alert that young Muslim girls similar herself don’t usually get to beryllium superheroes. And her eccentric touches marque Kamala a spot of an outcast astatine school. But they besides springiness Kamala her caller consciousness of intent erstwhile she gains superpowers.

In the comics, Kamala’s abilities are akin to the stretching powers of Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four, and Elastigirl from The Incredibles. Within the show, it looks similar Kamala’s powers person been reworked to beryllium much similar Green Lantern’s vigor constructs. But arsenic agelong arsenic her halfway quality remains, she volition beryllium the aforesaid heroine successful spirit. The trailer and the comic besides see respective nods to Kamala’s comic publication adventures, including the authoritative Ms. Marvel poster that recreates 1 of the archetypal covers.

Promotional poster for Ms. Marvel featuring Iman Vellani  successful  the pb  role.

Aramis Knight besides stars successful the bid arsenic Kareem/Red Dagger, with Saagar Shaikh arsenic Amir Khan, Zenobia Shroff arsenic Muneeba Khan, Mohan Kapur arsenic Yusuf Khan, Rish Shah arsenic Kamran, and Matt Lintz arsenic Bruno Carrelli. Yasmeen Fletcher volition besides look connected the amusement alongside Laith Nakli, Azhar Usman, Travina Springer, Nimra Bucha, Alyy Khan, Alysia Reiner, Fawad Khan, Mehwish Hayat, and Anjali Bhimani.

Ms. Marvel volition premiere connected June 8 connected Disney+.

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