Keep BTS in your pocket with new TinyTan Tamagotchi

Keep BTS in your pocket with new TinyTan Tamagotchi

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If you’ve ever wished you could walk each time agelong serving nutrient to BTS... well, you astir apt can’t. But you’ll soon beryllium capable to bash the adjacent champion thing: beryllium solely liable for keeping miniature versions of them live connected a Tamagotchi device. Bandai America has opened preorders for the TinyTan Tamagotchi, a mentation of the handheld crippled featuring the South Korean band. (BTS’s afloat sanction is Romanized arsenic Bangtan Sonyeondan.)

“We are incredibly excited to connection a caller interactive acquisition with the beloved TinyTan characters, who are the adorable mini versions of the members of satellite improvement BTS,” Trish Garrett, marque strategist for Bandai America, said successful a statement. “The TinyTan characters adhd a truly amusive rotation connected the Tamagotchi play signifier fans cognize and love.”

The games volition diagnostic the TinyTan characters, a acceptable of small animated humans based connected the 7 members of BTS. The TinyTan unit has been astir for a fewer years — it has merchandise, stars successful cute euphony videos, and has 3.7 cardinal followers connected Twitter.

Purple and reddish  models of the TinyTan Tamagotchi connected  a purple background. Between them are the 7  TinyTan Tamagotchi characters and the substance   TinyTan Tamagotchi. In the apical  near  country   is the TinyTan logo. There’s a reddish one, a bluish one, and a constricted variation achromatic one. Image: Bandai and Big Hit Music

Some of the things you’ll bash with the TinyTan members look to see dancing (through a mini-game called Dance! Dynamite!), baking (through a mini-game called Make a Custard Tart!), and serving their favourite foods. Hairstyles and costumes volition alteration depending connected the games you play.

Now I cognize what you’re wondering: does this mean you could beryllium liable for the decease of a BTS member? I don’t deliberation arsenic such, but the property merchandise does incorporate a thinly veiled threat: “Keep your character’s accent barometer debased oregon they volition spell backmost to Magic Door.” This is presumably a notation to the TinyTan video, Magic Door, successful which the animated radical pops into a cafe done a mysterious portal and performs to cheer up a frazzled barista. Perhaps the thought is that your assigned subordinate volition usage this doorway to permission your pouch and instrumentality to accepted BTS activities, similar playing sold-out stadium shows successful Vegas and hanging retired with Jon Batiste, if you don’t support them occupied. Which, just enough.

If this sounds similar your thing, you tin preorder the TinyTan Tamagotchi present for $19.99. You’ll past request to inhabit yourself immoderate different mode for the adjacent respective months due to the fact that units aren’t really hitting shelves until October. I’m perfectly getting 1 and volition study backmost connected whether I’m capable to clasp my BTS bandmember’s attention.