Kirby and the Forgotten Land: All secret mission objectives

Kirby and the Forgotten Land: All secret mission objectives

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The Waddle Dees are captured, and lone Kirby tin prevention them! Kirby and the Forgotten Land brings Kirby to a caller satellite — and magnitude — successful this 3D escapade done a agleam and colorful environment, but with an implied acheronian history. The escapade itself is each astir rescuing the cute and cuddly Waddle Dees to repopulate Waddle Dee Town, which opens up tons of options and caller things to bash for Kirby betwixt the mean platforming stages. However, much than fractional of the objectives successful each level are hidden from you, but without completing them you can’t escaped each Waddle Dee.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land has six large areas, and plentifulness of levels wrong them all. That unsocial adds up to a large chunk of content, but there’s astir nary accidental anyone volition beryllium capable to afloat implicit each signifier connected their archetypal effort acknowledgment to the concealed missions. These missions are unsocial to each level, and are not revealed to the subordinate until they bushed a signifier astatine slightest once, meaning you will, astatine minimum, person to spell backmost a 2nd clip to bash these other missions, if not more. However, if you travel this usher and cognize up of clip what each the concealed ngo objectives are for each signifier successful Kirby and the Forgotten Land, you tin reconstruct Waddle Dee municipality to glory successful nary time.

Note: Every signifier has the aforesaid 2 objectives of clearing the signifier and rescuing a fig of hidden Waddle Dees. We won’t fuss listing those for each stage, lone the hidden ones.

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All Natural Plains concealed missions

Kirby runs astir   a metropolis  successful  Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

Downtown Grassland

  • Make 5 tulips bloom
  • Break the building’s shutter
  • Ride the spewing h2o up to the balcony

Through the Tunnel

  • Find the concealed room
  • Light 4 Lantern Switches
  • Remove the wanted poster

Rocky Rollin’ Road

  • Find the broadside roadworthy portion going uphill
  • Eat snacks disconnected 3 histrion stumps
  • Drive without falling disconnected the edge

A Trip to the Alivel Mall

  • Eat 4 doughnuts
  • Eat an Invincible Candy
  • Navigate the promenade without getting lost

The Brawl astatine the Mall

  • Defeat Gorimondo with the Sword ability
  • Clear wrong 2 minutes
  • Clear without taking immoderate damage

All Everbay Coast concealed missions

Abandoned Beach

  • Crack unfastened 3 Knock-Knock Nuts
  • Destroy the carnal soil sculpture
  • Complete the motion connected the rooftop

Concrete Isles

  • Greet 3 oversea birds
  • Make landfall connected the isle of treasure
  • Dig up a Maxim Tomato

Scale the Cement Summit

  • Remove 3 wanted posters
  • Avoid the spikes successful the concealed room
  • Freeze Fleurina with an Ice ability

Fast-Flowing Waterworks

  • Eat 3 tins of fish
  • Win the conflict without falling into the water
  • Find the aureate fish

The Tropical Terror

  • Clear without utilizing a Copy Ability
  • Clear wrong 2 minutes
  • Clear without taking immoderate damage

All Wondaria Remains concealed missions

Welcome to Wondaria

  • Help the mislaid ducklings find their mama
  • Enjoy the presumption from the apical of the rocket
  • Make each the wilted flowers bloom

Circuit Speedway

  • Reach the archetypal race’s extremity wrong 20 seconds
  • Defeat Wild Edge utilizing an Invincible Candy
  • Boost done the cardboard shortcuts

Invasion astatine the House of Horrors

  • Clear without touching immoderate Ghost Gordos
  • Eat 3 of the ghosts’ hidden snacks
  • Destroy 13 aliens by utilizing Vending Mouth

The Wondaria Dream Parade

  • Help the mislaid ducklings find their mama
  • Remove Elfilin’s wanted poster
  • Clear without stepping connected immoderate mud

Danger Under the Big Top

  • Defeat without hovering
  • Clear wrong 1:30
  • Clear without taking immoderate damage

All Winter Horns concealed missions

Northeast Frost Street

  • Destroy 4 carnal snowfall sculptures
  • Find the broadside alley
  • Reach the timepiece tower

Metro connected Ice

  • Stand connected apical of 2 trains
  • Find 2 concealed passages
  • Check wrong the shipping container

Windy, Freezing Seas

  • Find a cave that’s harmless from the wind
  • Enjoy 3 meals astatine sea
  • Jump into the concealed underground room

The Battle of Blizzard Bridge

  • Remove 4 wanted posters
  • Beat Twin Wild Frosty without getting hit
  • Take a detour and find a Maxim Tomato

An Unexpected Beast King

  • Clear without guarding
  • Clear wrong 1:30
  • Clear without taking immoderate damage

All Originull Wasteland concealed missions

The Wastes Where Life Began

  • Shoot 3 flying targets
  • Defeat the mislaid Squishy
  • Defeat Fleurina utilizing Ring Mouth

Searching the Oasis

  • Take a nap by the concealed pool
  • Defeat 2 Poison Croakoms
  • Diligent digging successful the concealed room

Alivel Mall (Staff Side)

  • Taste trial 3 kinds of crystal cream
  • Defeat Wild Bonkers with the Cutter ability
  • Fit done each holes utilizing Mouthful Modes

Moonlight Canyon

  • Remove 3 wanted posters
  • Clear the concealed country without falling
  • Find the treasure hiding by the cactus triples

Collector successful the Sleepless Valley

  • Defeat Sillydillo with the Hammer ability
  • Clear wrong 2 minutes
  • Clear without taking immoderate damage

All Redgar Forbidden Lands concealed missions

Enter the Fiery Forbidden Lands

  • Defeat 2 lookout Awoofies
  • Find the concealed passage
  • Use h2o to destruct 7 falling lava balls

Conquer the Inferno Road

  • Steal 2 of the beasts’ meaty meals
  • Make each the Windmill Switches spin
  • Use Crash to decision Wild Frosty

Burning, Churning Power Plant

  • Infiltrate the power room
  • Perk up with 3 cups of coffee
  • Don’t get squished

Gathering of the Beast Council

  • Venture heavy into the concealed passage
  • Defeat Sillydillo successful 1:30
  • Beat Clawroline without getting hit

The Beast Pack’s Final Stand

  • Defeat each the beasts successful the starting area
  • Remove 5 beast-base wanted posters
  • Don’t autumn successful the lava portion utilizing Cone Mouth

In the Presence of the King

  • Clear by utilizing a second-level evolved ability
  • Clear wrong 2 minutes
  • Clear without taking damage

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