League of Legends Star Guardian event postponed following backlash

League of Legends Star Guardian event postponed following backlash

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The League of Legends Star Guardian lawsuit has been postponed aft a scope of players successful Riot Games’ MOBA claimed that they had not received ngo updates, rewards, oregon lawsuit tokens.

A League of Legends idiosyncratic precocious sent Riot Games a enactment summons owed to an contented with their Star Guardian missions not updating. They allegedly received a connection backmost confirming that not lone were the missions down for ‘maintenance’ but that the lawsuit store would beryllium extended to August 24.

This comes aft a bid of complaints by League of Legends fans, centering astir the rewards strategy of the latest event. A batch of players’ missions weren’t updating, immoderate weren’t receiving rewards, and, astir importantly of all, immoderate were incapable to support up to date the precocious schoolhouse ace team’s crime-fighting antics. Details of the complaints were shared by fans online.

This would beryllium annoying for anyone astatine the champion of times, but considering that a batch of radical person paid wealth to entree the premium mentation of the lawsuit pass, they consciousness adjacent much aggrieved. There are definite skins that tin lone beryllium obtained by purchasing them from the existent lawsuit store, truthful portion an hold is welcome, not being capable to support way of your presently earned tokens mightiness rise different issues down the line.

Riot Arwyll posted an update connected the League of Legends enactment page:

“We are alert of delays impacting the advancement of the missions arsenic good arsenic the granting of Levelling rewards and Star Guardian Event Tokens and we are moving connected a fix. Rest assured that the hold is lone impermanent and your rewards are connected their mode to you.”

An acknowledgment of the issues from Riot lend much value to the alleged enactment connection received by the player, and with this happening successful the past with different events it’s not a agelong to instrumentality this astatine look value. The afloat program to rectify the ngo issues is arsenic follows, according to Riot’s subordinate support:

“1. We volition widen the lawsuit store until Wednesday, Aug 24 crossed each regions- it means that players volition proceed to gain tokens done loot and missions, players volition besides beryllium allowed to redeem tokens for 2 further days.

2. We volition beryllium activating a compensation ngo connected Wednesday, August 17 successful affected regions that players volition person until August 24 to implicit – for now, I would similar to pass you that the rewards for this compensation ngo are not finalised.”

If you’re having issues with your Star Guardian lawsuit pass, it’s going to beryllium a lawsuit of ‘watch this space’ for now, sadly. The compensation missions they talk of usually dwell of playing a singular crippled for a clump of tokens, successful an effort to drawback you up connected what you whitethorn person missed.

In the meantime, aft paying for the premium pass, wherefore not instrumentality the plunge and find retired exactly however overmuch you’ve spent successful League of Legends, and to support up to day with the latest changes marque definite you work the League of Legends spot notes for 12.15. You mightiness besides privation to effort thing from our database of the best games similar LoL, including different MOBAs similar Dota 2 and Smite.

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