Leaked Sony earbuds have a big ol’ vent

Leaked Sony earbuds have a big ol’ vent

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It seems that Sony’s adjacent flagship over-ear headphones aren’t the lone ones that person leaked up of a nationalist announcement, arsenic official-looking images of a caller acceptable of Sony noise-canceling wireless earbuds person deed the web acknowledgment to leaker SnoopyTech (via Android Police). According to SnoopyTech, the earbuds volition beryllium called the LinkBuds S, suggesting they could stock immoderate similarities to Sony’s LinkBuds released successful February.

The archetypal LinkBuds person a distinctive “open-style” plan with an unconventional donut-like spread that’s intended to assistance you amended perceive your surroundings portion you person the earbuds in. The LinkBuds S, successful contrast, person a much accepted closed plan similar that of Sony’s WF-1000XM4s.

The LinkBuds (left) and the rumored LinkBuds S (right).

However, looking astatine the images shared by SnoopyTech, it appears the LinkBuds S volition person a large vent connected the extracurricular of each bud, which could beryllium utilized to assistance with immoderate benignant of transparency mode truthful you tin perceive what’s going connected astir you. SnoopyTech besides says the LinkBuds S volition beryllium capable to “seamlessly displacement from ambient dependable to precocious noise-canceling and alteration automatic playback that learns from your behaviour.”

Based connected the images, the caller earbuds volition travel successful a aureate beige, black, and, arsenic The Walkman Blog reports, white. The Walkman Blog also notes that the LinkBuds S person a proximity sensor that looks identical to the 1 connected the WF-1000XM4s.

A PR typical for Sony didn’t instantly reply to a petition for comment.