Lenovo Legion gaming laptop with RTX 3060 is $350 off today

Lenovo Legion gaming laptop with RTX 3060 is $350 off today

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Lenovo Legion 5i Pro Front Angle, Storm Grey color

While Lenovo whitethorn not beryllium the archetypal sanction you deliberation of erstwhile talking astir gaming laptops, particularly since they’re mostly known for their wide usage and productivity laptops, they’ve inactive been making immoderate large headway successful the gaming laptop space. In fact, they managed to person a mates of large products, similar this Legion 5 Pro, which has immoderate large specs and a large price, which Lenovo has reduced adjacent much connected their website, bringing it down to a beauteous tenable $1,520 from $1,870. That’s a discount of $350 and astir apt 1 of the champion gaming laptop discounts you’re going to spot today.

The spoiler from the merchandise sanction gives distant the main selling constituent for the Legion 5 Pro, which is the RTX 3060, a comparatively almighty paper for a laptop, and a bully alteration from the emblematic RTX 3050 that you thin to spot connected gaming laptops successful this terms range. Granted, it’s not going to beryllium arsenic bully arsenic an RTX 3070 oregon RTX 3080, but those GPUs usually travel with treble the terms tag, and portion the 16-inch surface with its WQXGA mightiness beryllium a spot much challenging to run, the RTX 3060 should inactive beryllium capable to grip astir games with comparative ease, particularly if you don’t punch successful the highest graphical settings.

Paired with the RTX 3060 is an AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, which is besides a comparatively almighty CPU for the terms you’re paying, and this and the GPU enactment good unneurotic and shouldn’t pb to immoderate bottlenecking down the line. You besides get a monolithic 2 1TB SSDs to enactment with, which is astir apt the highest we’ve seen connected a gaming laptop for a while, truthful you apt won’t adjacent request to drawback an external hard thrust deal to supplement your interior storage. The Legion Pro 5 comes with 16GBs of RAM, which is besides excellent, adjacent though it whitethorn look lackluster fixed the adjacent much awesome specs truthful far.

It’s hard to understate however large the Legion 5 Pro is for the terms you’re getting it for, with its RTX 3060, AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, ample storage, and the information that Lenovo has discounted it down to $1,520 is adjacent better. That being said, if this isn’t precisely what you’re looking for oregon is simply a spot excessively expensive, we bash person immoderate different large laptops deals for you to cheque out.

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