Level Keypad is the $79 entry companion for Level’s hidden smart locks

Level Keypad is the $79 entry companion for Level’s hidden smart locks

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Level announced contiguous it’s releasing the Level Keypad, a astute introduction sheet that tin unlock doors equipped with the company’s astute fastener products. The Level Keypad tin beryllium installed anyplace wrong 30 feet of the doorway it volition beryllium utilized with, tin beryllium programmed with aggregate entree codes, and is wholly wireless.

Level Keypad connects via Bluetooth to the company’s sleekly designed Level Lock and Level Lock Touch Edition and the wholly invisible Level Bolt (formerly Level Lock). Level is known for its discreet merchandise designs, truthful it was astonishing erstwhile the institution teased the precise visible lighted keypad precocious past twelvemonth that didn’t truly aesthetically lucifer the Level locks it works with. But since the instrumentality is wireless, it tin beryllium mounted astatine angles that tin support it retired of show — should the installer desire.

Level Keypad uses 2 AAA batteries and lasts 2 years. Image: Level

Level Keypad’s main intent is that it adds a caller method of opening a doorway without a cardinal oregon smartphone. It tin beryllium programmed with aggregate codes that tin beryllium shared with household members, guests, oregon anyone who needs impermanent entree — and tin adjacent beryllium finely tuned successful the app to lone let definite codes introduction astatine circumstantial times.

The Level Keypad is $79 arsenic a standalone purchase, but if bundled with a Level Lock oregon Level Bolt product, it tin beryllium had for $59. It’s disposable present astatine Level’s website.

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