LG QNED80 TV Review

LG QNED80 TV Review

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LG QNED80 Design Picture

Curved No

The LG QNED80 has a elemental plan with a metallic metallic decorativeness and 2 V-shaped feet. There's thing that stands retired astir its design, but it doesn't look cheap, either.

LG QNED80 Longevity Graph

LG QNED80 Stand Picture

The basal is 2 V-shaped feet that clasp the TV well. They rise the surface precocious capable disconnected the array that there's 3.31" (8.4 cm) of abstraction betwixt the array and the bottommost of the screen, meaning astir soundbars won't artifact it. You tin besides spot the feet successful a constrictive presumption (see here) if you person a smaller TV stand.

Footprint of the 65" TV:

  • Wide position: 45.9" x 11.7"
  • Narrow position: 16.8" x 11.7"

LG QNED80 Back Picture

Wall Mount VESA 300x300

The backmost of the TV features brushed metallic and is simple-looking. The inputs are acceptable into the TV, truthful they're hard to scope with the TV wall-mounted. You tin way cables done the feet and clips for cable management. If you person the basal successful the constrictive position, you tin besides determination the clips to the halfway to support the setup clean.

LG QNED80 Borders Picture

Borders 0.39" (1.0 cm)

LG QNED80 Thickness Picture

Max Thickness 2.24" (5.7 cm)

The thickness measurement includes the removable cablegram absorption clips, and without them, the TV is 1.77" (4.5 cm) thick.

LG QNED80 Build prime   picture

The LG QNED80 has bully physique quality. It's well-built, and determination aren't immoderate prime power issues. Although there's a spot of flex connected the backmost panel, and the basal wobbles a bit, neither is of large concern, and you won't announcement them erstwhile you spot the TV.

Picture Quality

LG QNED80 Checkerboard Picture

Native Contrast 1,046 : 1

Contrast with section dimming 1,366 : 1

The LG QNED80 has a mediocre opposition ratio. It means that blacks look grey adjacent to agleam highlights successful acheronian rooms. Although the section dimming diagnostic helps amended the opposition a bit, it does truthful by raising the brightness of the whites, and the achromatic level stays the same. The 50-inch exemplary has a antithetic sheet with higher contrast.

Real Scene Peak Brightness 356 cd/m²

Peak 2% Window 228 cd/m²

Peak 10% Window 538 cd/m²

Peak 25% Window 483 cd/m²

Peak 50% Window 389 cd/m²

Peak 100% Window 339 cd/m²

Sustained 2% Window 227 cd/m²

Sustained 10% Window 534 cd/m²

Sustained 25% Window 336 cd/m²

Sustained 50% Window 336 cd/m²

Sustained 100% Window 339 cd/m²

Automatic Brightness Limiting (ABL) 0.046

The SDR highest brightness is decent. It's agleam capable to combat glare with a fewer lights astir but not capable if you person it placed other a agleam window. There's immoderate saltation successful brightness betwixt antithetic scenes, but this volition lone beryllium noticeable erstwhile utilizing it arsenic a PC monitor, similar erstwhile you're minimizing and maximizing windows.

These results are from aft calibration successful the 'Expert (Dark space, night)' Picture Mode with the Panel Brightness astatine '100'. Adjust Contrast connected '80', Color Temperature connected 'Warm 50', and the LED Local Dimming acceptable to 'High'.

Local Dimming Yes

Backlight Edge

This TV has a unspeakable edge-lit section dimming feature. It lone has six dimming zones, and similar astir edge-lit displays, there's noticeable blooming erstwhile determination are tiny agleam objects successful acheronian scenes. It's distracting, and the blooming bleeds into achromatic bars, particularly erstwhile determination are subtitles. It raises the achromatic levels, which means determination isn't immoderate achromatic crush, but blacks don't look arsenic they should. It's besides noticeable erstwhile each portion turns connected and off, which is distracting. Setting it to 'High' results successful a brighter representation than 'Medium', but successful reality, this TV performs champion with section dimming disabled due to the fact that it performs truthful terribly.

Note: The 86-inch exemplary has nonstop LED backlighting, which results successful a amended section dimming diagnostic due to the fact that the zones are smaller, allowing for finer power astir agleam objects.

Local Dimming Yes

Backlight Edge

The section dimming diagnostic looks the aforesaid successful Game Mode and remains terrible.

LG QNED80 HDR Hallway Photo

LG QNED80 HDR Cityscape Photo

LG QNED80 HDR Landscape Photo

Hallway Lights (~1950 cd/m²) 340 cd/m²

Yellow Skyscraper (~700 cd/m²) 318 cd/m²

Landscape Pool (~300 cd/m²) 130 cd/m²

Peak 2% Window 489 cd/m²

Peak 10% Window 533 cd/m²

Peak 25% Window 444 cd/m²

Peak 50% Window 401 cd/m²

Peak 100% Window 388 cd/m²

Sustained 2% Window 485 cd/m²

Sustained 10% Window 529 cd/m²

Sustained 25% Window 441 cd/m²

Sustained 50% Window 398 cd/m²

Sustained 100% Window 385 cd/m²

Automatic Brightness Limiting (ABL) 0.019

The HDR brightness isn't bad, but it isn't agleam capable to marque highlights genuinely basal retired against acheronian backgrounds. Small highlights bash get brighter than larger ones, but due to the fact that of the debased opposition and elevated achromatic levels, they don't popular similar connected different TVs.

These results are from aft calibration to the 6500K achromatic constituent successful the 'Cinema' HDR Picture Mode with the Panel Brightness and Adjust Contrast each astatine '100', LED Local Dimming connected 'High', and Color Temperature connected 'Warm 50'.

LG QNED80 HDR Hallway Photo

LG QNED80 HDR Cityscape Photo

LG QNED80 HDR Landscape Photo

Hallway Lights (~1950 cd/m²) 337 cd/m²

Yellow Skyscraper (~700 cd/m²) 317 cd/m²

Landscape Pool (~300 cd/m²) 126 cd/m²

Peak 2% Window 481 cd/m²

Peak 10% Window 523 cd/m²

Peak 25% Window 438 cd/m²

Peak 50% Window 396 cd/m²

Peak 100% Window 385 cd/m²

Sustained 2% Window 478 cd/m²

Sustained 10% Window 518 cd/m²

Sustained 25% Window 432 cd/m²

Sustained 50% Window 394 cd/m²

Sustained 100% Window 384 cd/m²

Automatic Brightness Limiting (ABL) 0.018

The HDR brightness successful Game Mode looks the aforesaid arsenic extracurricular of Game Mode, adjacent if the idiosyncratic windows are somewhat dimmer, but you won't announcement immoderate difference. These results are with the aforesaid settings arsenic extracurricular of Game Mode but successful the 'Game Optimizer' HDR Picture Mode.


600 Nit Tracking Delta 0.0044

1000 Nit Tracking Delta 0.0044

4000 Nit Tracking Delta 0.0050

The PQ EOTF tracking is incredible. With contented mastered astatine 600 and 1,000 nits, which is the bulk of content, it displays shadows and midtones astatine their close brightness. While it doesn't show each highlights the mode they should beryllium displayed, there's a dilatory roll-off astatine the highest brightness, meaning it preserves details well. However, it isn't arsenic bully with contented mastered astatine 4,000 nits due to the fact that the roll-off happens earlier, meaning adjacent midtones don't look arsenic they should.

LG QNED80 Gradient Picture

Color Depth 10 Bit

Red (Std. Dev.) 0.122

Green (Std. Dev.) 0.128

Blue (Std. Dev.) 0.104

Gray (Std. Dev.) 0.178

The gradient handling is disappointing. There's disposable banding successful astir colors, particularly the grays and greens, and you'll spot this banding successful scenes with shades of akin colors, similar a sunset. It has a Smooth Gradation mounting that helps creaseless retired the gradients.

LG QNED80 50% Uniformity Picture

50% Std. Dev. 3.540%

50% DSE 0.162%

LG QNED80 5% Uniformity Picture

5% Std. Dev. 0.449%

5% DSE 0.073%

The LG QNED80 has bully grey uniformity. The edges of the surface are a spot darker than the rest, and there's a spot of soiled surface effect successful the center, but it isn't capable to beryllium distracting portion watching sports oregon utilizing it arsenic a PC monitor.

LG QNED80 Native Black Uniformity Picture

Native Std. Dev. 1.743%

LG QNED80 Black Uniformity Picture with Local Dimming

Std. Dev. w/ L.D. 3.397%

The achromatic uniformity is disappointing. With the section dimming disabled, the full surface is bluish owed to the debased contrast, and there's noticeable clouding. Although the section dimming helps deepen parts of the screen, there's inactive noticeable blooming owed to the edge-lit dimming zones. Keep successful caput that the 50-inch exemplary has a antithetic sheet that has a higher opposition for deeper blacks, and the 86-inch exemplary has direct-lit section dimming, truthful there'll beryllium little blooming.

LG QNED80 Chroma Graph

Color Washout 31°

LG QNED80 Hue Graph

Color Shift 70°

LG QNED80 Lightness Graph

Brightness Loss 36°

Black Level Raise 70°

Gamma Shift 53°

The LG QNED80 has a bully viewing angle. For the astir part, the representation remains accordant erstwhile viewing from the sides, but you'll announcement the surface looks darker astatine a wide angle. Unfortunately, the 50-inch exemplary has a antithetic sheet with a worse viewing angle.

LG QNED80 Reflections Picture

LG QNED80 Average Room Off Picture

LG QNED80 Bright Room Off Picture

Screen Finish Semi-gloss

Total Reflections 5.4%

Indirect Reflections 0.7%

Calculated Direct Reflections 4.7%

The reflection handling is decent. It's good if you person a fewer lights around, similar a lamp oregon dim cookware lights, but it isn't perfect to spot it other a agleam model with nonstop sunlight.

LG QNED80 Pre White Balance Picture

LG QNED80 Pre Gamma Curve Picture

LG QNED80 Pre Color Picture

White Balance dE 3.89

Color dE 1.71

Gamma 2.12

Color Temperature 6,760 K

Picture Mode Expert (Dark Space)

Color Temp Setting Warm 50

Gamma Setting 2.2

The accuracy earlier calibration is good. Most colors person fantabulous accuracy arsenic they aren't oversaturated, and the colour somesthesia is adjacent to the 6500K target. However, the achromatic equilibrium is off, peculiarly with brighter shads of gray, and gamma doesn't travel our 2.2 people for moderately-lit rooms well, arsenic astir scenes are excessively bright.

LG QNED80 Post White Balance Picture

LG QNED80 Post Gamma Curve Picture

LG QNED80 Post Color Picture

White Balance dE 0.36

Color dE 0.66

Gamma 2.19

Color Temperature 6,836 K

White Balance Calibration 22 point

Color Calibration Yes

The accuracy aft calibration to the 6500K achromatic constituent is fantastic. It's casual to calibrate and determination aren't immoderate disposable issues with the colors, achromatic balance, gamma, oregon colour temperature.

See our afloat calibration settings here.

LG QNED80 480p Picture

It doesn't person immoderate issues upscaling lower-resolution contented from DVDs oregon SD cablegram channels.

LG QNED80 720p Picture

720p content, similar immoderate HD cablegram channels, looks great.

LG QNED80 1080p Picture

This TV displays autochthonal 1080p contented astir arsenic good arsenic 4k content.

LG QNED80 4k Picture

4k contented looks unthinkable and determination aren't immoderate disposable issues.

This is simply a 4k TV that can't show an 8k signal.

LG QNED80 Pixels Picture

Subpixel Layout RGB

Type LED

Sub-Type IPS

Like astir IPS panels, this TV has an RGB subpixel layout, which is amended for PC usage than BGR panels due to the fact that it improves the substance clarity, which you tin work astir here. However, the 50-inch exemplary has a antithetic sheet benignant with a BGR layout.

Wide Color Gamut Yes

LG QNED80 Color Gamut DCI-P3 Picture

DCI P3 xy 87.71%

DCI P3 uv 93.49%

LG QNED80 Color Gamut Rec.2020 Picture

Rec 2020 xy 63.81%

Rec 2020 uv 71.09%

The LG QNED80 has a precise bully colour gamut acknowledgment to its quantum dot technology. It has fantabulous sum of the commonly-used DCI-P3 colour space, but it isn't future-proof due to the fact that it has constricted sum of the Rec. 2020 colour space, which much HDR contented volition commencement to use. Unfortunately, it has atrocious code mapping with the tested 75% stimulus, meaning that brighter colors suffer details. However, it's amended with a 50% stimulus, arsenic you tin spot with the DCI-P3 colour abstraction here and the Rec. 2020 colour abstraction here.

LG QNED80 P3 Color Volume ITP Picture

1,000 cd/m² DCI P3 Coverage ITP 56.5%

LG QNED80 2020 Color Volume ITP Picture

10,000 cd/m² Rec 2020 Coverage ITP 27.0%

White Luminance 487 cd/m²

Red Luminance 64 cd/m²

Green Luminance 247 cd/m²

Blue Luminance 18 cd/m²

Cyan Luminance 260 cd/m²

Magenta Luminance 79 cd/m²

Yellow Luminance 270 cd/m²

The colour measurement is decent. It struggles to show agleam colors and can't show acheronian colors good either owed to its debased contrast.

LG QNED80 Image Retention Picture

IR aft 0 min recovery 0.05%

IR aft 2 min recovery 0.03%

IR aft 4 min recovery 0.05%

IR aft 6 min recovery 0.00%

IR aft 8 min recovery 0.00%

IR aft 10 min recovery 0.00%

This TV shows immoderate insignificant signs of representation retention with vulnerability to a high-contrast static image, but it's precise insignificant arsenic it's hard to announcement and disappears quickly.

Permanent Burn-In Risk No

Although immoderate IPS panels tin endure from impermanent representation retention, this doesn't look to beryllium permanent, arsenic seen successful this long-term test.


LG QNED80 Motion Blur Picture

LG QNED80 Response Time Chart

80% Response Time 4.5 ms

100% Response Time 13.6 ms

The LG QNED80 has a precise bully effect time. Motion looks creaseless for the astir part, but there's inactive immoderate smearing owed to a slower effect clip with darker transitions.

LG QNED80 Backlight chart

Flicker-Free No

PWM Dimming Frequency 480 Hz

The LG QNED80 uses pulse width modulation (PWM) to dim its backlight astatine each brightness levels. The flicker depends connected the representation mode you use, and you tin spot the differences below. The 120Hz flicker tin beryllium noticeable and origin representation duplication with 60 fps signals, similar erstwhile you're gaming arsenic it flickers astatine 120Hz successful Game Mode.

Picture modes with 480Hz flicker:

  • Expert (Dark space, night)
  • Expert (Bright space, daytime)
  • Cinema

Picture modes with 120Hz flicker:

  • Vivid
  • Standard
  • APS
  • Sports
  • Game Optimizer
  • All HDR modes

LG QNED80 BFI Picture

LG QNED80 BFI Frequency Picture

Optional BFI Yes

Min Flicker For 60 fps 60 Hz

60Hz For 60 fps Yes

120Hz For 120 fps Yes

Min Flicker for 60 fps successful Game Mode 60 Hz

This TV has an optional backlight strobing feature, commonly known arsenic achromatic framework insertion, to trim persistence blur. It tin flicker astatine either 60Hz oregon 120Hz, and portion it does a bully occupation astatine reducing blur, there's inactive immoderate representation duplication. Note that the BFI people is based connected the flicker frequencies astatine which it works and not the existent performance.

LG QNED80 Motion Interpolation (30 fps) Picture

Motion Interpolation (30 fps) Yes

LG QNED80 Motion Interpolation (60 fps) Picture

Motion Interpolation (60 fps) Yes

There's an optional question interpolation diagnostic to bring little framework complaint signals up to 120 fps. Like astir TVs, it works good with slower scenes, but determination are artifacts similar haloing erstwhile determination are a batch of fast-moving objects.

Frame Hold Time @ 24 fps 28.1 ms

Frame Hold Time @ 60 fps 3.1 ms

Despite the accelerated effect time, determination isn't excessively overmuch stutter, adjacent with 24 fps signals. If it bothers you, effort enabling the question interpolation feature.

Judder-Free 24p Yes

Judder-Free 24p via 60p Yes

Judder-Free 24p via 60i Yes

Judder-Free 24p via Native Apps Yes

The LG QNED80 removes 24p judder from immoderate source, which helps with the quality of question successful movies, particularly if you're watching them from a root that sends 60 fps signals, similar a cablegram box.

Native Refresh Rate 120 Hz

Variable Refresh Rate Yes

HDMI Forum VRR Yes

FreeSync Yes

G-SYNC Compatible Yes

4k VRR Maximum 120 Hz

4k VRR Minimum < 20 Hz

1080p VRR Maximum 120 Hz

1080p VRR Minimum < 20 Hz

1440p VRR Maximum 120 Hz

1440p VRR Minimum < 20 Hz

VRR Supported Connectors HDMI

It supports each 3 communal VRR formats to trim surface tearing. It supports Low Framerate Compensation for the VRR diagnostic to proceed moving adjacent astatine debased framework rates.


1080p @ 60Hz 13.6 ms

1080p @ 60Hz Outside Game Mode 147.5 ms

1080p @ 120Hz 5.2 ms

1080p @ 144Hz N/A

1440p @ 60Hz 13.5 ms

1440p @ 120Hz 5.2 ms

1440p @ 144Hz N/A

4k @ 60Hz 13.4 ms

4k @ 60Hz + 10-Bit HDR 13.5 ms

4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 13.4 ms

4k @ 60Hz Outside Game Mode 147.2 ms

4k @ 60Hz With Interpolation 139.1 ms

4k @ 120Hz 5.1 ms

4k @ 144Hz N/A

8k @ 60Hz N/A

The LG QNED80 has debased input lag for a responsive consciousness portion gaming, arsenic agelong arsenic you're successful Game Mode.

1080p @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 Yes

1080p @ 120Hz Yes

1080p @ 144Hz No

1440p @ 60Hz Yes (forced solution required)

1440p @ 120Hz Yes

1440p @ 144Hz No

4k @ 60Hz Yes

Resolution 4k

4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 Yes

4k @ 120Hz Yes

4k @ 120Hz @ 4:4:4 Yes

4k @ 144Hz No

8k @ 30Hz oregon 24Hz No

8k @ 60Hz No

The LG QNED80 has HDMI 2.1 bandwidth that lets it enactment each signals up to 4k @ 120Hz, arsenic agelong arsenic you're utilizing HDMI ports 3 and 4. It besides displays due chroma 4:4:4 with immoderate signal, which helps it show due substance with PCs. If you're utilizing HDMI ports 1 and 2, you're constricted to HDMI 2.0 bandwidth, truthful you can't usage it for 4k @ 120Hz signals with chroma 4:4:4 and 10-bit colour depth.

LG QNED80 PS5 Screenshot

Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) Yes

4k @ 120Hz Yes

1440p @ 120Hz Yes

1080p @ 120Hz Yes



This TV works without contented with the PS5 arsenic agelong arsenic you're utilizing HDMI ports 3 and 4, arsenic they enactment the afloat HDMI 2.1 bandwidth.

LG QNED80 Xbox Series X Screenshot

Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) Yes

4k @ 120Hz Yes

1440p @ 120Hz Yes

1080p @ 120Hz Yes



Like with the PS5, determination aren't immoderate issues with the Xbox Series X, but you request to usage the HDMI 2.1 bandwidth ports 3 and 4 to instrumentality afloat vantage of it.

HDR10 Yes

HDR10+ No

Dolby Vision No


HDMI 2.0 Full Bandwidth Yes (HDMI 1,2,3,4)

HDMI 2.1 Class Bandwidth Yes (HDMI 3,4)


HDCP 2.2 Yes (HDMI 1,2,3,4)

ATSC Tuner 1.0

USB 3.0 No

Variable Analog Audio Out No

Wi-Fi Support Yes (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz)

The TV doesn't enactment Dolby Vision, truthful you're constricted to watching HDR contented successful the basal HDR10 format. One of the HDMI 2.1 bandwidth ports besides serves arsenic the eARC port, meaning you tin lone person 1 HDMI 2.1 instrumentality connected if you person a soundbar oregon receiver.



Digital Optical Audio Out 1

Analog Audio Out 3.5mm 0

Analog Audio Out RCA 0

Component In 0

Composite In 0

Tuner (Cable/Ant) 1

Ethernet 1

DisplayPort 0

IR In 0


ARC Yes (HDMI 3)

eARC support Yes

Dolby Atmos via TrueHD via eARC No

DTS:X via DTS-HD MA via eARC No

5.1 Dolby Digital via ARC Yes

5.1 DTS via ARC No

5.1 Dolby Digital via Optical Yes

5.1 DTS via Optical No

Although it has an eARC port, it doesn't really enactment immoderate lossless audio formats that necessitate eARC, arsenic it can't walk Dolby Atmos to a compatible receiver.

Sound Quality

LG QNED80 Frequency Response

Low-Frequency Extension 84.76 Hz

Std. Dev. @ 70 4.69 dB

Std. Dev. @ 80 4.78 dB

Std. Dev. @ Max 6.85 dB

Max 89.8 dB SPL

Dynamic Range Compression 4.38 dB

This TV has an good frequence response. It sounds alright with mean listening levels, but there's much deviation and compression astatine its max volume. Sadly, similar astir TVs, it doesn't nutrient overmuch bass, if any.

LG QNED80 Total Harmonic Distortion

Weighted THD @ 80 0.237

Weighted THD @ Max 0.881

IMD @ 80 4.06%

IMD @ Max 19.90%

The distortion handling isn't bad. It's decent with mean listening levels, but the distortion is worse astatine its max volume.

Smart Features

LG QNED80 Smart TV Picture

Smart OS webOS

Version 22

Ease of Use Easy

Smoothness Average

Time Taken to Select YouTube 2 s

Time Taken to Change Backlight 6 s

Advanced Options Many

The LG QNED80 comes with the 2022 mentation of the webOS astute platform. It's casual to usage and it has a fewer much features compared to past models, similar the enactment of idiosyncratic profiles truthful each subordinate of your household tin customize their illustration however they want.

LG QNED80 Ads Picture

Ads Yes

Opt-out No

Suggested Content successful Home Yes

Opt-out of Suggested Content No

Like astir astute platforms, determination are ads passim the interface, and there's nary mode to disable them.

LG QNED80 Apps Picture

App Selection Great

App Smoothness Average

Cast Capable Yes

USB Drive Playback Yes

USB Drive HDR Playback Yes

HDR successful Netflix Yes

HDR successful YouTube Yes

The app store has a ton of apps you tin download, truthful you're definite to find your favourite content.

LG QNED80 Remote Picture

Size Large

Voice Control Many Features

CEC Menu Control Yes

Other Smart Features Yes

Remote App LG ThinQ

The included Magic Remote has a point-and-press diagnostic that makes it easier to navigate done the menu. It has a built-in mic that you tin inquire to power inputs, unfastened apps, hunt for content, oregon set the settings. The distant that comes with the Costco mentation of this TV has an NFC diagnostic that lets you pat your telephone against the distant to formed content, and it's symbolized with the NFC logo connected the remote.

LG QNED80 Controls Picture

There's a azygous fastener underneath the mediate of the TV to crook it On/Off, alteration inputs, set the volume, oregon power channels.

LG QNED80 In The Box Picture

  • Remote
  • 2x AA batteries
  • Power cable
  • Cable wrap
  • Stand covers
  • User guides

Power Consumption 60 W

Power Consumption (Max) 135 W

Firmware 03.21.05

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