Liene Amber M100 Printer Review

Liene Amber M100 Printer Review

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Liene Amber M100 Build Quality Close Up

The Liene Amber M100 feels precise well-built. Both the expanse roller sheet and the cartridge sheet are bladed plastic, but they inactive consciousness sturdy and person bully hinges. The input tray is stored connected apical of the printer erstwhile not successful use, and it stays successful spot with precise beardown magnets, truthful you don't person to interest astir losing it. When you're acceptable to print, you insert the tray successful the abstraction conscionable beneath the sheet rollers, wherever it acts arsenic some the input tray and the output tray. Also, the latch mechanism to merchandise the cartridge feels solid. It's casual to propulsion the cartridge successful and retired of its slot. However, you request to beryllium cautious erstwhile handling it to marque definite you don't accidentally rip the exposed ink ribbon astatine the halfway of the cartridge; otherwise, your cartridge won't enactment anymore.

Liene Amber M100 ISO View Picture

Height 3.3" (8.5 cm)

Width 8.1" (20.5 cm)

Depth 4.9" (12.4 cm)

Liene Amber M100 In Use Picture

Height When In Use 2.8" (7.1 cm)

Width When In Use 8.1" (20.5 cm)

Depth When In Use 13.1" (33.4 cm)

Weight 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg)

The Liene Amber M100 doesn't person a ample footprint, but you request to permission 4" of escaped abstraction down it truthful that the photograph tin determination successful and retired portion printing. This besides leaves abstraction for aerial to travel retired of the vent astatine the back. The measurements supra don't see the clearance space.

Ink Related Maintenance Not Needed

Drum Unit No Drum Unit

The Liene Amber M100 doesn't request the aforesaid attraction accepted inkjets need. Since it doesn't usage escaped ink, you don't request to interest astir clogged printheads. Like the Canon SELPHY Square QX10, it heats dye transportation films, which transfers each colour to the photograph insubstantial and creates your image. Each rotation has capable movie for 40 photos (though the starter cartridge it comes with lone has capable for 20 photos), truthful you request to regenerate it careless of however overmuch colour each photograph uses. The input tray tin lone clasp 20 sheets, truthful you request to refill it often if you program to people successful bulk. The sheet rollers are precise casual to entree by pulling down the beforehand panel, and the cartridge is besides casual to entree by pulling down the sheet and lifting up the yellowish latch. It's casual to region and instal the cartridge, but you request to beryllium cautious not to accidentally teardrop the exposed movie successful the middle.

Liene Amber M100 Display Screen Picture

Display Screen No

Display Screen Size N/A

Touchscreen No

The Liene Amber M100 doesn't person a show screen. Instead, it has LED lights that bespeak its status. A coagulated achromatic airy supra the powerfulness awesome means it's on, and a flashing achromatic airy means it's receiving your photograph data. The airy supra the wrench lights up orangish erstwhile there's a problem; you tin resoluteness the contented by pursuing the troubleshooting instructions successful the mobile app. The airy supra the Wi-Fi awesome is orangish erstwhile connected but not connected to immoderate devices and bluish erstwhile connected to 1 oregon much devices.

Liene Amber M100 Cartridge Picture In The Printer

Photo Cartridge No

Number Of Color Cartridges 1

Black Cartridge Model No Black Cartridge

Tested Black Page Yield N/A

Estimated Black Page Yield N/A

Color Cartridge Model Liene SD-22

Tested Color Page Yield 40 prints

Estimated Color Page Yield 40 prints

Third Party Cartridge Not Found At Time Of The Review

Ink Type Dye

High Yield Cartridge Yes

Like the Canon SELPHY Square QX10, the Liene Amber M100 uses dye-sublimation to people photos. Its cartridge contains dye transportation movie with abstracted sections for cyan, magenta, and yellow. The printer uses vigor to transportation each colour to the photograph expanse successful antithetic intensities and locations arsenic needed to make the last image. There's besides a wide movie conception that acts arsenic a protective coat. The cartridge lone has capable dye for 40 photos, and you can't bargain the cartridge oregon the sheets separately; they ever travel successful bundles arsenic a pack. There are packs of 40 sheets with 1 cartridge oregon 80 sheets with 2 cartridges.

Scanner No

Scan Flatbed No

Flatbed Extendable Hinges N/A

Automatic Document Feeder No

ADF Capacity N/A

Scan Speed N/A

Duplex Scanning No

Flatbed Scan Size No Flatbed

Fax No

Copy No

OCR Included No Scanner

Max Scan Resolution N/A

Max Scan Color Depth N/A

Letter (8.5" x 11") No

Legal (8.5" x 14") No

Tabloid (11" x 17") No

A6 (105mm x 148mm) No

A5 (148mm x 210mm) No

A4 (210mm x 297mm) No

Photo (2" x 3") No

Photo (4" x 6") Yes

Photo (5" x 7") No

Photo (8" x 10") No

Max Paper Weight N/A

The Liene Amber M100 accepts its ain proprietary insubstantial that measures 3.9" x 7.05". The shorter edges of each expanse are perforated, and erstwhile you teardrop them off, you're near with a 3.9" x 5.9" photo. While Liene advertises that the photos are 4" x 6", the existent size of each is somewhat smaller.

Liene Amber M100 In the Box Picture

  • User manual
  • Sample photograph insubstantial (20 sheets)
  • Power cord
  • Sample cartridge (20 sheets)

Advertised Battery Life N/A

Tested Charging Time N/A

The Liene Amber M100 doesn't person a battery, truthful you request to person the printer plugged successful to people photos. However, there's a variant called the Liene Amber M200 that has a battery.


Liene Amber M100 Printer Total Cost

Black Cartridge Price 0 US$

Color Cartridge Price 0 US$

Black Only Printing N/A

Color Printing N/A

Photo Printing 0.500 US$/print

Ink Subscription No

The Liene Amber M100 is lone for printing photos. Since determination is lone capable dye movie successful each cartridge to people 40 sheets, each photograph costs $0.50 USD careless of what you print. The insubstantial and cartridge are ever sold together, but they're disposable successful bundles of 40 sheets (plus 1 cartridge) and 80 sheets (with 2 cartridges).

Black Only Text Document N/A

Color Document N/A

Photo Printing Time 82.1 s

Single Page Out Time (Black Only) N/A

Duplex Printing No

Input Tray Capacity 20 pages

The Liene Amber M100 is lone for printing photos. Liene advertises the people velocity arsenic 1 leafage per minute, which is accurate. The Photo Printing Time velocity recorded supra includes the clip it takes for the printer to process the information and statesman printing the image. The photograph prints successful 4 passes, 1 colour astatine a time: yellow, magenta, cyan, and a protective wide overgarment that Liene calls laminating.

Color Ink Needed for Black & White Yes


Liene Amber M100 Side By Side Print/Photo

Liene Amber M100 Portrait Picture

Borderless Printing Yes

The Liene Amber M100's photos look excellent, particularly for an instant photograph printer. Details look sharp, and there's precise small atom oregon banding. Each photo's borders are wide and well-defined, and there's nary colour smearing, arsenic seen connected the Canon SELPHY Square QX10's photos. When comparing the printed photos to the archetypal photos, you mightiness announcement that yellows and greens are a spot darker than they should beryllium and don't person a precise wide colour range. However, if you're conscionable looking astatine the photograph itself, colors inactive look good.

The photograph sheets person perforated edges that you tin teardrop disconnected to extremity up with a 3.9" x 5.9" photo. When placing the sheets into the input tray, you tin clasp onto these edges, which assistance forestall you from introducing digit oils onto the printing area. While Liene advertises that the photos are 4" x 6", the existent size of each photograph is somewhat smaller.

The scanned images provided supra are for notation only. They look worse than the carnal photos owed to the scanning and uploading process. The people is based connected the existent carnal photos.

Liene Amber M100 Color dE Picture

Liene Amber M100 Color dE Graph

Average Color dE 6.80

The Liene Amber M100 prints reasonably close colors, particularly for an instant photograph printer that uses dye films. Greens and blues look the astir disconnected from their originals, but photos inactive look bully regardless.

Liene Amber M100 Color Gamut Picture

The Liene Amber M100 has a mediocre colour gamut. The zig-zag enactment is acheronian alternatively of light, showing that the printer struggles with printing precise saturated colors and tries to compensate by printing a antithetic shade. However, the item is somewhat disposable successful the red-to-pink and orange-to-red sections. The acheronian bottommost extends up excessively high, meaning the printer makes colors darker than they should be, but the modulation into the colors is smooth. Likewise, the achromatic extends excessively overmuch successful the bluish area, truthful it isn't bully astatine printing immoderate airy blues. Otherwise, the transitions betwixt colors are good, but the printer struggles with smoothly shifting betwixt airy colors, similar greenish to yellowish and yellowish to orange.

Mobile App And Connectivity

Liene Amber M100 Inputs Picture

Ethernet No

USB Input To Computer Yes

Bluetooth No

Wi-Fi via Router No

Wi-Fi Direct Yes

External Storage Support No

Apple AirPrint Yes

Mopria Print Service Yes

The Liene Amber M100 generates its ain Wi-Fi web that you link your instrumentality to. You tin people wirelessly erstwhile you link to its Wi-Fi Direct, either straight via the printer's network, the mobile app, Apple AirPrint, oregon Mopria Print Service. You tin besides people via a USB-C cablegram if you similar a wired connection.

Liene Amber M100 App Printscreen

Mobile App Yes

App Name Liene Photo

iOS Yes

Android Yes

Photo (JPEG, PNG) Yes (Android and iOS)


Microsoft Office Files No

Text Files (TXT) No

Webpages (HTML) No

Using the Liene Photo mobile app, you tin use filters and set the creation of your photos earlier printing them. You tin besides people ID photos for a visa oregon passport based connected the photograph requirements of either Japan oregon America. You tin besides take a 3rd enactment that prints a 35x45mm photo. The app is disposable connected iOS and Android, but it isn't disposable connected the Canadian Google Play store.

Windows Fully

macOS Fully

Chrome OS No

This exemplary is for usage with mobile devices, but you tin inactive usage it with immoderate non-mobile operating systems. You request to manually instal drivers for Windows, past adhd the Liene Amber M100 arsenic a printer aft connecting to the printer's Wi-Fi Direct. You inactive person to beryllium connected to the printer's web oregon person your instrumentality plugged into it via a USB-C cablegram to print. You don't request immoderate drivers connected macOS, but you request to beryllium connected to the printer's Wi-Fi Direct web to adhd it arsenic a printer and print. Unfortunately, it isn't compatible with Chrome OS astatine all. While you tin link your instrumentality to the printer's Wi-Fi network, you can't adhd it arsenic a printer successful the settings.

Differences Between Sizes And Variants

We tested the Liene Amber M100 successful white, but it's besides disposable successful pink. Our exemplary came with a cartridge and 20 photograph sheets, but you could besides get it bundled with 3 cartridges and 100 sheets oregon 2 cartridges and 60 sheets. There's besides a akin exemplary called the Liene Amber M200 that's identical but has a artillery instead, letting you people similar-quality photos portion connected the spell oregon if you're distant from an outlet. You tin spot our unit's statement here.

Compared To Other Printers

The Liene Amber M100 is an instant photograph printer that uses dye transportation films and vigor to nutrient its images. It prints 3.9" x 5.9" photos that look astonishing and person tons of detail. They look overmuch nicer than the photos of different inkless photograph printers we've tested, similar the Canon SELPHY QX10 and the Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer. However, the Liene is bulkier and doesn't person a battery, truthful you can't usage it without plugging it into an outlet. There's a variant called the Liene Amber M200 that does person a battery, meaning you should get that 1 alternatively if a artillery is important to you.

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The Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer and the Liene Amber M100 some usage vigor to people their images. The Canon uses ZINK insubstantial that contains dye crystals wrong it, meaning colors amusement up erstwhile the crystals are exposed to antithetic vigor intensities. While you don't request to interest astir a cartridge, the colors look overmuch darker than they're expected to. The Canon has a battery, truthful it's easier to transportation astir than the Liene that uses a powerfulness cord. On the different hand, the Liene prints nicer-looking photos with overmuch much close colors. It prints larger 4" x 6" photos alternatively of 2" x 3" photos similar the Canon.

The Canon SELPHY Square QX10 and the Liene Amber M100 are some dye-sublimation printers that usage vigor and dye films to nutrient photos. The Canon is simply a amended prime if you want to people retired pictures erstwhile connected the go. It's much compact, and it comes with a battery, truthful you don't request to person an outlet astir similar you bash with the Liene. The Canon prints overmuch smaller, Polaroid-style photos, and there's an adhesive backing if you privation to instrumentality it into a journal. On the different hand, the Liene prints 4" x 6" photos that look overmuch much wide and detailed.

The Canon PIXMA TR8620 is an all-in-one inkjet printer, portion the Liene Amber M100 is simply a thermal printer that uses dye-sublimation to people photos. The Canon is simply a amended prime if you request a accepted printer to people and scan documents but besides privation thing that prints nice-looking photos. On the different hand, the Liene is amended if you conscionable privation a compact printer to people photos. Both people elaborate and wide images, but the Canon's colors look much accurate.

The Canon PIXMA TR4720 is an all-in-one inkjet printer, portion the Liene Amber M100 is simply a thermal printer that uses dye-sublimation to people photos. If you request a accepted printer to people and scan documents that besides prints bully photos, the Canon is simply a amended choice. The Liene is amended if you privation a compact printer conscionable to people 4" x 6" photos.