Look away, LastPass: Google Password Manager just received a killer upgrade

Look away, LastPass: Google Password Manager just received a killer upgrade

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Google Password Manager
(Image credit: Google)

In a determination that volition doubtless support different vendors connected their toes, Google has rolled retired a important batch of updates for its password manager service.

With this release, users are acceptable for a much unified password absorption acquisition that's the aforesaid crossed Google Chrome and Android.

Further, if you person aggregate passwords for the aforesaid sites oregon apps, Google volition automatically radical them, and users volition besides beryllium capable to make a shortcut connected their Android location surface to entree their passwords with a azygous tap.

What other is new?

As good arsenic offering a much accordant acquisition crossed platforms, Google has besides rolled retired a caller acceptable of protections astir password security.

For example, users volition present person the quality to make passwords for their iOS apps erstwhile they acceptable Chrome arsenic their autofill provider.

And portion Google Chrome could already automatically information cheque passwords erstwhile you participate them into a site, it volition present besides let you to cheque them successful bulk with Password Checkup.

"We’ll present emblem not lone compromised credentials, but besides anemic and re-used passwords connected Android," explained the firm.

"If Google warns you astir a password, you tin present hole it utilizing Google’s automated password alteration diagnostic connected Android."

In addition, Google is besides expanding its compromised password warnings to each Chrome users connected Android, Chrome OS, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux

The latest update besides contains adjacent much features to marque the logging successful inexperience easier.

Google present offers Touch-to-Login connected Android, a diagnostic that volition marque logging successful adjacent quicker by allowing you to securely log successful to sites straight from the overlay astatine the bottommost of your screen.

Indeed, passwords whitethorn good beryllium connected the mode retired anyhow if Google’s rivals are to beryllium believed.

At WWDC 2022, Apple announced a caller work called Passkeys, which replaces passwords with unafraid biometric authentication.

The firm's VP for Internet Technologies, Darin Adler, said the tech giant’s soon to beryllium introduced Passkeys feature was a “next-gen credential that’s much secure, easier to use, and aims to regenerate passwords for good”.

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