Lord of the Rings MMO soars like an eagle after free DLC update

Lord of the Rings MMO soars like an eagle after free DLC update

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The Lord of the Rings Online Steam subordinate number has deed its highest concurrent highest successful a decennary – since the motorboat of the Middle-Earth MMORPG connected Steam, successful fact, and it’s presumably acknowledgment to the latest update making the archetypal six years of contented free-to-play.

Lord of the Rings Online is already 1 of the champion escaped MMOs connected PC but developer Standing Stone Games recently announced that it would beryllium making adjacent much of the fantasy game‘s contented disposable for free as portion of the 15th-anniversary celebrations.

Just earlier the weekend, Lord of the Rings Online Update 33 added the new Yondershire determination and made each DLC from the MMO’s archetypal six years wholly escaped – including respective classes and the Mines of Moria and Helm’s Deep expansions. As a result, according to SteamDB, Lord of the Rings Online deed its highest concurrent subordinate number successful 10 years – since it archetypal launched connected Steam successful 2012, successful fact. The number connected April 22 was 3,760 players, conscionable shy of the all-time highest of 3,965 recorded successful June 2012.

If none of these counts seem precocious for an MMO, retrieve that Steam isn’t the lone mode players tin entree Lord of the Rings Online – it’s got its ain lawsuit and launcher, which the Steam mentation runs anyway. Nevertheless, this is simply a bully indicator that the ravens are returning to the upland – I mean, players are returning to Lord of the Rings Online.

Given that Amazon has a Lord of the Rings TV bid launching aboriginal this twelvemonth and it cancelled plans for its own Middle-Earth MMO, Lord of the Rings Online whitethorn adjacent bushed that concurrent subordinate number grounds sometime this year. The escaped worldly helps too, of course.