Lost Ark restricts new Steam accounts to fight bots

Lost Ark restricts new Steam accounts to fight bots

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Lost Ark‘s adjacent play update, arriving tomorrow, is making usage of Steam’s trusted relationship features successful bid to combat bots. Steam accounts that person mislaid – oregon person not yet earned – the platform’s ‘trusted’ presumption are losing entree to a fig of features arsenic portion of an effort to artifact the bots that are presently crowding the game.

New Steam accounts are classified arsenic ‘limited‘ until that relationship makes a acquisition of astatine slightest $5 USD from the Steam store. Until then, those constricted accounts are restricted from utilizing astir of the platform’s societal features, arsenic portion of Valve’s effort to forestall fraud connected Steam. Now, the Lost Ark devs are utilizing that aforesaid diagnostic to conflict bots successful the MMO.

As of this play update, Lost Ark players with constricted Steam accounts volition nary longer beryllium capable to initiate player-to-player trades, though commercialized requests tin inactive beryllium accepted. They’ll besides nary longer beryllium capable to nonstop in-game gifts, speech Royal Crystals for gold, oregon nonstop in-game message with attachments.

“Additional improvements to our anti-cheat programs person besides been enabled successful this update to assistance forestall cheaters and bots,” the devs accidental successful the announcement, “alongside a fewer much changes we’ve developed with Smilegate RPG down the scenes. We can’t spill each our secrets, oregon those engaging successful these activities would drawback wind. We cognize this won’t lick everything, and we volition proceed cracking down connected users engaging successful fraudulent purchases and bots.”

Lost Ark volition spell down for attraction connected Thursday, March 24 astatine 12am PDT / 3am EDT / 7am GMT. Downtime is expected to past for 8 hours, and erstwhile servers are backmost up, this play update volition beryllium live.

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