Mac Mini to get M2 and M2 Pro chips, new report claims

Mac Mini to get M2 and M2 Pro chips, new report claims

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Apple’s compact Mac Mini desktop could beryllium astir to get a large boost.

The tech giant’s portable PC volition get a refresh with 2 antithetic versions featuring Apple’s highly businesslike “M” household of chips, according to a study from 9to5Mac connected Wednesday, March 9.

Citing unnamed sources with cognition of the matter, the Mac specializer said the lower-priced Mac Mini volition diagnostic Apple’s upcoming M2 chip, portion the higher-end instrumentality volition usage a much almighty M2 Pro chip.

While immoderate observers thought Apple mightiness denote the M2 astatine its Peek Performance lawsuit earlier this week, its lack suggests the tech elephantine volition showcase the caller spot successful the fall, astir apt on with the caller Mac Mini.

We don’t yet cognize a large woody astir the M2, though the usually reliable Bloomberg newsman Mark Gurman has said the caller spot volition apt person 8 CPU cores offering higher show than the 8 cores recovered connected Apple’s archetypal M chip, the M1, which launched successful 2020 and is recovered successful the existent Mac Mini.

Gurman besides says that portion the M1 launched with either 7 oregon 8 GPU cores, helium thinks the M2 volition athletics 9 oregon 10, adding adjacent much powerfulness to the machine.

As for the M2 Pro, 9to5Mac describes it arsenic “a variant with 8 show cores and 4 ratio cores, totaling a 12-core CPU versus the 10-core CPU of the existent M1 Pro.”

On Tuesday, Apple unveiled the Mac Studio, described by immoderate arsenic a souped-up Mac Mini that customers tin configure with either the M1 Max spot (starting astatine $2,000) oregon the much precocious M1 Ultra (from $4,000).

While those prices volition beryllium retired of scope for galore funny customers, a refreshed Mac Mini with the caller M2 spot could beryllium a overmuch much charismatic proposition, with pricing for the M2 Mac Mini expected to commencement astatine astir $700, which is what Apple’s astir basal M1 exemplary presently costs.

Apple’s archetypal M chip, the M1, has been praised for its awesome show and efficiency. It’s utilized by the existent Mac Mini, the 24-inch iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and immoderate iPads. The M2 volition apt to find its mode into aboriginal models earlier excessively long.

Here’s much connected what to expect with the Mac Mini 2022.

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