MacBook Pro 2022: M2 chip, familiar design, and more

MacBook Pro 2022: M2 chip, familiar design, and more

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The MacBook Pro 13 was 1 of the archetypal devices to beryllium outfitted with an Apple Silicon chip, primitively successful 2020. Now it’s owed an upgrade, and rumors bespeak this update could travel sooner alternatively than later.

But what tin we expect from this caller entry-level MacBook Pro? What volition it look like, however overmuch volition it cost, and what features volition it boast? We’ve got each those answers and much successful our MacBook Pro 13 rumor roundup — truthful let’s dive in.

Price and merchandise date

The M1-powered MacBook Pro viewed from a precocious   angle.

We’ve had to hold since precocious 2020 for updates to Apple’s astir affordable MacBook Pro, and it present looks definite that updates are coming this year. Numerous outlets and leakers person said the merchandise is connected Apple’s 2022 roadmap, and that makes sense, seeing arsenic the 13-inch MacBook Pro is usually updated each 1 oregon 2 years.

Going further, we tin beryllium reasonably definite that a caller MacBook Pro 13 volition look astatine Apple’s Peek Performance event connected March 8, 2022. MacRumors claims to person heard from a previously reliable source who states the instrumentality volition beryllium unveiled astatine the event. Reputable newsman Mark Gurman, meanwhile, says Apple volition motorboat “at slightest one” Mac astatine its March show, 1 of which could beryllium the MacBook Pro, but helium seems little definite than MacRumors’ source.

If the MacBook Pro 13 launches with an Apple M2 chip, arsenic immoderate outlets person reported, this would consciousness similar unusual timing. That’s due to the fact that Apple hasn’t finished rolling retired its M1 Pro and M1 Max-equipped Macs, truthful it would beryllium antithetic to interrupt that process with a next-generation chip. That means there’s a accidental the MacBook Pro 13 could beryllium delayed until aboriginal successful the year.

But capable astir the merchandise day — what astir the price? The existent MacBook Pro 13 starts astatine $1,299, and Apple mightiness support that the same. However, we wouldn’t beryllium amazed to spot prices statesman astatine $1,399 oregon adjacent $1,499. The MacBook Pro 14 and MacBook Pro 16 some saw tiny terms increases erstwhile they launched successful 2021, truthful the MacBook Pro 13 mightiness not flight a akin terms rise.

Design: Don’t expect galore changes

The M1-powered MacBook Pro connected  a java  table.

There is simply a schoolhouse of thought that Apple volition update the MacBook Pro 13’s plan to bring it successful enactment with the MacBook Pro 14 and MacBook Pro 16. That means a notch and thinner bezels connected the screen, a much rounded chassis, and the ditching of the Touch Bar.

However, we deliberation that’s unlikely. All those changes outgo Apple wealth to instrumentality (not to notation recouping the outgo of research). The MacBook Pro 13 is meant to beryllium an entry-level device, and successful the existent planetary situation, Apple is improbable to privation added costs. If it’s going to support the costs down, chances are those changes volition person to wait.

That enactment of reasoning got a boost from an anonymous root who spoke to MacRumors. According to this source, the MacBook Pro 13 volition clasp the same design arsenic its 2020 edition, including the Touch Bar, with the lone large alteration coming successful the signifier of an M2 chip.

Reporter Mark Gurman has mostly agreed with that analysis. However, helium believes Apple mightiness find a mode to drop the Touch Bar erstwhile and for all. This would surely marque sense, arsenic the MacBook Pro 13 is presently the lone instrumentality to carnivore this feature, and removing it would bring the laptop successful enactment with Apple’s different portable Macs. However, it doesn’t gel with the thought that nary outer changes are coming. We volition person to spot who is correct.

Performance: A next-generation chip

Apple M1 chip.

If the MacBook Pro 13’s outward quality is going to enactment mostly the same, what tin we expect to alteration elsewhere? Well, show is 1 cardinal country wherever things are apt to improve.

Right now, the MacBook Pro 13 is moving Apple’s M1 spot from 2020. It’s highly improbable Apple is going to furnish the adjacent variation with an M1 Pro oregon M1 Max, arsenic these are high-end chips for high-performance devices. But arsenic the institution cannot support its entry-level MacBook Pro connected the aforesaid spot for different fewer years. That means there’s lone 1 enactment left: The M2 chip.

This is the next-generation mentation of the M1. Few details are known astatine this stage, though newsman Mark Gurman has shared a fewer of his ain expectations. He believes the M2 volition support the aforesaid fig of CPU cores arsenic the M1 (eight) but divided them much towards performance. The M1 presently has 4 high-efficiency cores and 4 high-performance cores, but the M2 could change that balance, possibly with 2 of the erstwhile and six of the latter.

Gurman besides expects the GPU halfway number to increase, with 10 GPU cores successful the M2 alternatively of the 7 oregon 8 (depending connected the model) successful the M1. That should mean amended show erstwhile you render videos and play Mac games.

Together, those are not tremendous changes, and estimated M2 benchmarks backmost up that idea. But the aforementioned improvements should springiness the entry-level MacBook Pro a spot of other outpouring successful its measurement for the adjacent fewer years.

Elsewhere, support an oculus retired for notation of Ultra Wideband exertion oregon Apple’s U1 chip. In January, 9to5Mac noticed references to the tech successful the MacOS Monterey 12.3 beta, suggesting it could travel to the Mac successful the adjacent future.

This Ultra Wideband exertion successful the U1 spot improves a device’s spatial consciousness and allows its big instrumentality to amended pass with different U1 products. That means amended AirDrop speeds, for example. While it has not yet travel to immoderate iPad model, a caller iPad Air is rumored for Apple’s March lawsuit — could the U1 look successful some the iPad Air and the MacBook Pro astatine the show? We’ll person to hold and see.

Ports, display, and different features

The caller   MacBook Pro seen from the side.

After an lack of respective years, the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros came with a fewer invited additions: MagSafe, HDMI, and an SD paper reader. Could the MacBook Pro 13 travel suit?

We anticipation so, but we don’t person precocious hopes. As we outlined successful the plan section, it makes consciousness for Apple to instrumentality with the existing chassis for this device, which sadly lone sports USB-C slots. We’d emotion to beryllium surprised, though.

What astir the display? We person to retrieve that the MacBook Pro 13 is positioned arsenic an entry-level device, truthful it volition astir apt miss retired connected immoderate of the much breathtaking features its high-end siblings possess. MacRumors’ source, for instance, says it volition spell without the notch, and with nary notch, we can’t expect thinner bezels either. Mark Gurman, meanwhile, says it volition lack the ProMotion and Mini-LED display of the MacBook Pro 14 and MacBook Pro 16. That’s a shame, but not unexpected.

Speaking of displays, the summation of the M2 spot could mean the MacBook Pro 13 has amended enactment for outer monitors. The M1 spot lone supports 1 outer show astatine a time, portion the M1 Pro and M1 Max enactment 2 and 3 other displays, respectively. We’re hoping that the M2 astatine slightest matches the M1 Pro successful this regard, arsenic the existent concern isn’t truly capable for immoderate instrumentality billed arsenic being pro-level.

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