Marvel reveals more of Moon Knight in new featurette

Marvel reveals more of Moon Knight in new featurette

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For the uninitiated, Marvel’s rubric quality from Moon Knight looks a batch similar Batman successful a achromatic costume. That’s fair, to a definite extent. Comic publication fans person been making that examination since Doug Moench and Don Perlin created Moon Knight successful 1975. But that’s besides wherefore Marvel Studios’ upcoming adaptation is leaning into the things that abstracted Moon Knight from the Dark Knight. This amusement volition play up 2 of the cardinal aspects down Moon Knight: His supernatural transportation with Khonshu (the Egyptian deity of the moon) and his ain deteriorating intelligence health.

In a caller video from Marvel Studios, Moon Knight stars Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, and May Calamawy, joining Kevin Feige and manager Mohamed Diab arsenic they present the quality to caller viewers. There’s besides immoderate caller footage of Steven Grant (Isaac) arsenic helium transforms into Moon Knight and a peek astatine the show’s Egyptian setting.

So far, the trailers person focused connected Steven’s dissociative individuality disorder. He genuinely doesn’t cognize that helium is simply a erstwhile mercenary named Marc Spector and Moon Knight. Steven besides has a 4th property that calls himself Mr. Knight. Viewers volition cognize Mr. Knight erstwhile they spot him since helium looks similar Moon Knight successful a debonair suit.

A country   from Marvel's Moon Knight.

Hawke is playing Moon Knight’s enemy, Arthur Harrow, an enigmatic cult person who follows the deity Ammit. Calamawy volition represent Layla El-Faouly, 1 of Steven/Marc’s closest allies. Oscar-winner F. Murray Abraham provides the dependable Khonshu, portion the precocious Gaspard Ulliel co-stars arsenic Anton Mogart a.k.a. Midnight Man.

Moon Knight volition premiere connected Disney+ connected March 30.

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