Massive Google Workspace update dials up the fight for hybrid working supremacy

Massive Google Workspace update dials up the fight for hybrid working supremacy

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Google Workspace
(Image credit: Google)

Google has lifted the lid connected a bid of updates for its Workspace suite of productivity and collaboration software designed to cater to the needs of the hybrid working era.

Some of the upgrades are small, similar the quality to respond with emojis during video meetings, but others could person a large interaction connected the mode successful which workers collaborate connected shared documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

Most significantly, Google says it volition integrate Meet straight into Docs, Sheets and Slides successful the coming weeks, which volition let Google Workspace users to rapidly rotation up a gathering erstwhile collaborating connected a project. Unlike accepted screen-sharing, video feeds volition beryllium housed wrong a dedicated sidebar, positioned alongside the contented the squad is moving on.

Google Workspace for hybrid working

Since the commencement of G Suite successful 2006, Google has competed straight with Microsoft successful the bureau software space, going up against the famous Microsoft 365 suite, which houses the likes of Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc.

One of the defining features of Microsoft’s offering is choky integration betwixt apps and services, extending each the mode retired to the Windows operating strategy connected which astir business computers run. And though Google stole the march connected Microsoft erstwhile it came to the cloud-based model, idiosyncratic G Suite apps person historically felt overmuch much isolated.

When Google rebranded its productivity suite arsenic Workspace successful 2020, however, the institution announced it would marque a concerted effort to make a much “deeply integrated idiosyncratic experience”, by improving the level of interoperability betwixt its assorted productivity apps.

Google Docs

Google Meet volition soon beryllium integrated straight into Docs, Slides and Sheets. (Image credit: Google)

The latest circular of Google Workspace updates instrumentality strides towards achieving this goal, capitalizing connected the afloat breadth of the suite to make functionality that should assistance workers amended their productivity successful a hybrid moving setting.

In summation to caller synergies with Workspace bureau software, Google Meet volition besides person a caller picture-in-picture mode adjacent month, which volition let Chrome users to bring up a floating gathering model that sits connected apical of different browser tabs.

And from a information perspective, Google is acceptable to motorboat client-side encryption for Meet calls successful May, with optional end-to-end encryption to travel by the extremity of the year, bringing the work on-par with Teams and Zoom.

To enactment asynchronous collaboration, meanwhile, Google is preparing a fig of updates for its Spaces messaging platform. Most notably, the institution is improving the hunt functionality to assistance users aboveground the astir applicable conversations and rolling retired Slack-like inline connection threading, which is seemingly a highly requested upgrade.

Google Workspace

(Image credit: Google)

“One of the hopeful signs of a instrumentality to normalcy is seeing galore of our customers marque plans to travel backmost into their offices. And they’re asking for strategies that volition marque hybrid enactment a much equitable and productive acquisition for everyone. We’re besides opening our ain modulation to hybrid enactment successful aboriginal April,” said Google.

“As we cogwheel up for that, it feels similar a clip of optimism for caller ways of moving unneurotic and the imaginable for hybrid models to go the sustainable norm. When designed well, a hybrid exemplary gives employees the flexibility to present their champion from anywhere, portion bringing them unneurotic thoughtfully for the powerfulness of in-person collaboration.”

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