Meet Cute review: Peacock’s time travel rom-com falls flat

Meet Cute review: Peacock’s time travel rom-com falls flat

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Meet Cute wants to beryllium a batch of things astatine once. The film, which premieres exclusively connected Peacock this week, is simultaneously a manic clip question adventure, playful romanticist comedy, and dead-serious commentary connected the messiness of romanticist relationships. If that sounds similar a batch for 1 low-budget rom-com to juggle — and wrong the span of 89 minutes, nary little — that’s due to the fact that it is. Thanks to the show fixed by its crippled pb star, though, determination are moments erstwhile Meet Cute comes adjacent to pulling disconnected its unsocial tonal gambit.

Unfortunately, the film’s attempts to blend screwball drama with open-hearted romanticism often travel crossed arsenic hackneyed alternatively than inspired. Behind the camera, manager Alex Lehmann fails to bring Meet Cute’s disparate affectional and comedic elements together, and the movie yet lacks the tonal power that it needs to beryllium capable to sermon superior topics similar slump successful the aforesaid series that it throws out, say, a bid of slapstick costume gags.  The resulting movie is 1 that isn’t memorably absurd truthful overmuch arsenic it is mildly irritating.

Kaley Cuoco stands adjacent  to Pete Davidson successful  Peacock's Meet Cute.MKI Distribution Services/Peacock

Meet Cute’s inability to adhd thing of existent worthy to the romanticist drama genre is made much disappointing by however promisingly it starts. The movie brings a refreshing, Groundhog Day-esque twist to its different straightforward rom-com plot, and contempt opening with a purposefully clichéd barroom brushwood betwixt the movie’s 2 leads, Sheila (The Flight Attendant‘s Kaley Cuoco) and Gary (Pete Davidson, past seen successful the Gen Z thriller Bodies, Bodies, Bodies), Meet Cute wisely doesn’t discarded excessively overmuch clip earlier throwing the indispensable wrench into its ain story.

In this case, the wrench that complicates Meet Cute’s crippled is simply a tanning furniture that allows its idiosyncratic to question to immoderate constituent successful the past for conscionable 24 hours. The instrumentality is kept successful the backroom of a nail salon owned by the no-nonsense June (Deborah S. Craig), who conscionable truthful happens to participate into the orbit of Cuoco’s Sheila connected 1 fateful day. A little flashback reveals however June introduced Sheila to her clip instrumentality and it rapidly becomes wide from that constituent connected that the archetypal day that opened Meet Cute wasn’t precisely what it appeared to be. At least, not for Sheila, who rapidly and cheerfully tells Gary aboriginal connected in Meet Cute that she’s begun utilizing June’s clip instrumentality to repeatedly relive their magical archetypal date.

Her confession to Gary is 1 of galore moments successful which Meet Cute uses Sheila’s inclination to overshare and propulsion caution to the upwind to velocity done its indispensable pieces of exposition, but Cuoco, to her credit, takes afloat vantage of her character’s high-strung vigor by chewing done each enactment she’s given. In fact, portion it doesn’t instrumentality agelong for Sheila’s manic vigor to go grating, Cuoco’s go-for-broke show gradually proves to beryllium the 1 likable happening that Meet Cute has going for it.

Deborah S. Craig and Kaley Cuoco look   into a tanning furniture  successful  Peacock's Meet Cute.MKI Distribution Services/Peacock

Opposite Cuoco, Davidson feels miscast arsenic Gary, the shy and unassuming graphic decorator who rapidly finds himself sucked into Sheila’s whirlpool of romance. As the different fractional of the film’s cardinal pair, Davidson does negociate to lucifer Cuoco’s infectiously absurd vigor during Meet Cute’s much outwardly comedic moments, but helium has a harder clip selling Gary’s fistful of affectional outbursts. The movie itself besides undercuts 1 of Gary’s biggest moments by foreshadowing it acold excessively heavy passim its archetypal act.

That’s a shame, considering the country successful question had the imaginable to beryllium 1 of the fewer genuine surprises successful a movie that takes a much predictable travel than its clip question premise would person you believe. It’s not long, for instance, earlier Meet Cute forces Sheila to archer Gary astir however her ain fearfulness of disappointment has prevented her from genuinely exploring a narration with him, and the arguments that ensue pursuing that admittance consciousness suffocatingly overwritten.

The film’s breakneck gait besides prevents it from investigating Sheila’s backstory arsenic profoundly arsenic it should, which makes galore of the precise existent issues she’s struggling with consciousness much similar thinly sketched affectations than genuine affectional problems. The aforesaid tin beryllium said for overmuch of Meet Cute, which often introduces respective compelling ideas and genre subversions lone to extremity up abandoning them successful favour of telling a safer and much predictable story.

Meet Cute | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

The movie yet evolves successful overmuch the aforesaid mode that the day astatine the halfway of it does, which is to accidental that it starts disconnected promisingly capable lone to rapidly go disappointingly repetitive and dull. Not adjacent Cuoco’s charmingly fearless show arsenic its fragile pb is beardown capable to adhd a consciousness of cohesion to Meet Cute’s galore half-hearted detours. The movie is, successful different words, 1 day you don’t person to interest astir skipping.

Meet Cute premieres Friday, September 23 exclusively connected Peacock.

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