Meta is opening its first retail store next month

Meta is opening its first retail store next month

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Meta is launching its archetypal hardware retail store connected its field successful Burlingame, California. The store, which opens May 9th, volition fto visitors effort retired and bargain Meta’s Portal videophones and Quest virtual world headsets. They’ll besides beryllium capable to demo the Ray-Ban Stories astute glasses that debuted past twelvemonth and get assistance ordering them online.

Meta’s store volition see a demo country for Portal wherever users tin trial its video calling features with a store employee. There’s a abstraction to trial respective Quest 2 demos, including Beat Saber, GOLF+, Real VR Fishing, and Supernatural, and visitors volition instrumentality location a 30-second mixed world clip showing them playing a game. They tin besides effort connected antithetic styles of the Ray-Ban glasses, which seizure and stock video with built-in cameras, and trial their capabilities earlier buying. Meta is besides adding a “Shop” tab to its website, making it easier to find each its products successful 1 spot online.

An representation  of the Meta Store from the entrance, featuring shelves of Quest and Portal devices

The determination is simply a important foray into hardware income for Meta, pursuing the footsteps of companies similar Google, which opened its archetypal retail establishment past twelvemonth aft respective much constricted pop-up stores. Meta has antecedently partnered with Best Buy connected demo stations for its VR headsets, and Ray-Ban Stories person appeared successful the sunglasses company’s ain stores. The caller store opens different accidental to merchantability radical connected still-unusual virtual and augmented world (sometimes characterized arsenic “metaverse”) tech, a major country of focus for the company.

It’s also, however, a beauteous constricted one. The tiny 1,550-square-foot storefront is opening adjacent Meta’s Reality Labs office (at 322 Airport Boulevard successful Burlingame) alternatively than a large metropolitan country similar Google’s store successful Manhattan. It volition beryllium unfastened from 11:00AM to 6:00PM Monday done Friday, which isn’t precisely premier buying hours. Meta store caput Martin Gilliard says successful a connection that the Burlingame determination “gives america much accidental to experimentation and support the lawsuit acquisition halfway to our development,” lessons from which volition “help specify our aboriginal retail strategy.”

Meta’s past large merchandise merchandise was past year, but the retail store seems apt to supply a staging crushed for showing disconnected aboriginal VR / AR projects arsenic they develop, including much precocious mixed world glasses and power systems. It besides gives Meta an up-close look astatine however radical volition respond to this hardware — overmuch of which raises important privateness concerns — successful a real-world setting.