Meta shows off Project Cambria VR headset without actually showing it

Meta shows off Project Cambria VR headset without actually showing it

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Meta plans to merchandise its high-end Project Cambria VR headset aboriginal this year, but we inactive cognize precise small astir the instrumentality speech from its codename and highly wide motorboat window. However, CEO Mark Zuckerberg contiguous shared an highly little preview of Cambria’s capabilities, successful summation to the company’s ‘Presence Platform’ via its ‘World Beyond’ acquisition (which isn’t astir arsenic breathtaking arsenic the sanction mightiness suggest).

In Zuckerberg’s Facebook video, we spot his look alteration into a pixelated messiness arsenic helium dons the Project Cambria. Naturally, this isn’t a Max Headroom-esque broadside effect of utilizing the $800 headset, but is alternatively down to Meta’s determination to chickenhearted retired of giving its prospective best VR headset a due reveal.

So, what did we larn astir Project Cambria? Well, we got to spot a provender of its afloat colour pass-through exertion successful action, and it admittedly looks impressive. Zuckerberg says the tech volition beryllium utilized successful the company’s ‘Presence Platform’, a acceptable of instrumentality learning and AI capabilities that assistance developers physique mixed world experiences, positive earthy manus and dependable interactions. However, the little demo of ‘World Beyond’ makes it each seems similar a truly fluffy mode of describing augmented world (AR).

Zuckerberg promises much details connected Project Cambria “very soon”, but you tin ticker the headset successful enactment for yourself close now, down below:

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If you already ain a Quest headset, you’ll beryllium capable to illustration afloat colour pass-through for yourself “soon” via App Lab. In the meantime, we’ll person to hold a portion longer to spot if Meta’s ambitions to replace our PCs with Project Cambria travel to fruition oregon if a Meta Quest 3 ends up being the amended purchase.