“Metal Slug: Code J” Alpha Test Sign-Ups Opens In The Philippines

“Metal Slug: Code J” Alpha Test Sign-Ups Opens In The Philippines

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The massively fashionable arcade shooter game, “Metal Slug” is yet coming to mobile! “Metal Slug: Code J” is the franchise’s latest mobile crippled adaptation made by Tencent’s TiMi Studios successful collaboration with SNK and steadfast VNG. Lucky players successful the Philippines volition get to trial the crippled retired this month! Read connected for the details!

About “Metal Slug: Code J”

“Metal Slug: Code J” is simply a mobile crippled adaptation of the fashionable arcade shooter franchise we each grew up with. The crippled volition enactment existent to the franchise’s side-scrolling enactment with immoderate large upgrades. The graphics are present 3D  with ocular aesthetics present modernized. “Metal Slug: Code J” volition play conscionable similar its origins but with immoderate caller features added successful the premix including quality skills similar treble jumping to get to hard-to-reach areas, and utilizing definite items and tools. Additionally, the crippled volition diagnostic a Metroidvania-style representation layout with galore layers and assorted routes.

Alpha Test Details

From what we cognize close now, the authoritative sanction of the crippled would beryllium “Metal Slug: Awakening,” but the devs look to beryllium inactive utilizing the “Code J” placeholder sanction for immoderate reason. There are 2 phases successful this testing:

  • Phase 1: Available to play connected July 21st 
  • Phase 2: Available to play connected July 26th

The Alpha trial volition bounds players. Each signifier volition lone judge 2000 players. Once the subordinate basal reaches 2000, the crippled volition beryllium closed for latecomers and nary longer instrumentality caller users. Both phases volition person the aforesaid contented truthful conscionable prime one.


The Alpha Test signifier volition lone beryllium disposable successful the Philippines for Android users. The recommended mobile telephone specs are astatine slightest 4GB RAM and 3GB of ROM. The developers volition stitchery feedback and cheque retired the crippled for immoderate show issues and bugs during the alpha. To pre-register and larn much astir “Metal Slug: Code J,” sojourn the game’s authoritative Facebook page. Sign-ups volition beryllium disposable until July 18 truthful amended get to it!