Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome: Performance, design, security, and more

Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome: Performance, design, security, and more

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Google Chrome remains the king of the web browsers, with astir 60% stock of the browser marketplace arsenic of December 2021. Microsoft’s Edge browser, which uses the Chromium open-source engine, is successful a little spot astir 12%, which is awesome with the browser having lone been introduced successful the past mates of years. Microsoft pushed the caller Edge to each Windows 10 desktops, replacing the aged Windows 10 mentation and giving Edge a built-in — good — edge. Edge is besides the default browser for Windows 11.

Which browser should you use? The 2 stock a batch of similarities, but immoderate cardinal differences marque 1 the wide winner.


Microsoft Edge screenshot.Mark Coppock/Digital Trends

Let’s commencement with the obvious: How is each for wide browsing? Well, successful presumption of design, some web browsers are astir identical. Many of the old-school plan elements of the archetypal Edge browser are gone, replaced with rounder edges and cleaner interfaces.

Sure, the arrow buttons and different icons connected Edge and Chrome look somewhat different, but the URL/search barroom is mostly the same, and the symbols for extensions and add-ons are successful the aforesaid place. Right-click to the close of the tabs, and you’ll spot the aforesaid tabs menu. In short, if you power from Chrome to Edge, you’ll announcement precise small quality successful your mundane browsing. One noticeable difference, though, is successful the default hunt motor and homepage. Edge defaults to Microsoft’s Bing, naturally, portion Google defaults to Google’s hunt engine. Fortunately, either tin beryllium switched astatine volition and is lone a impermanent nuisance.

Edge and Chrome are some built connected the Chromium open-source browser utilizing the Blink rendering engine, and arsenic such, they’re much akin than they are different.


The similarities proceed successful performance. These are some precise accelerated browsers. Granted, Chrome narrowly beats Edge successful the Kraken and Jetstream benchmarks, but it’s not capable to admit successful day-to-day use.

Microsoft Edge does person 1 important show vantage implicit Chrome: Memory usage. In essence, Edge uses less resources. Chrome utilized to beryllium known for however small RAM was used, but these days, it’s go bloated. In 1 test, Edge utilized 665MB of RAM with six pages loaded portion Chrome utilized 1.4GB — that’s a meaningful difference, particularly connected systems with constricted memory.

If you’re idiosyncratic who’s bothered by however overmuch of a memory-hog Google Chrome browser has become, Microsoft Edge is the wide victor successful this regard.


Making the power from the Chrome browser to Edge is elemental capable successful presumption of features. Just instal Microsoft’s caller browser; judge the connection to sync implicit your passwords, bookmarks, addresses, and much from Chrome; and you’re disconnected to the races. Although astir modern browsers connection the aforesaid indispensable capability, that’s a bully diagnostic successful its ain right.

Edge besides has immoderate features that Chrome doesn’t. For example, determination is Edge Collections, which lets you radical akin webpages and sanction them. You tin easy entree those groups by clicking connected a collection, bringing you backmost to a peculiar moving authorities rapidly and easily. Microsoft besides added an Edge Bar that tin interval oregon tally on the borderline of a show and provides a speedy look into quality and upwind and provides entree to immoderate Edge features.

A screenshot of the Microsoft Edge Bar.Mark Coppock/Digital Trends

Then there’s the Editor, Microsoft’s built-in reply to penning assistants similar Grammarly. Editor uses artificial quality to support your penning up to snuff and promises to enactment good for anyone not consenting to ammunition retired currency for a antithetic add-on.

Extensions are different diagnostic the Microsoft Edge browser and Chrome some offer, though successful antithetic ways. You tin adhd Edge extensions from the Windows Store, which has a much constricted enactment and extensions from the Chrome Web Store, though it requires manually accessing it. So far, we haven’t tally into an hold that won’t instal and tally connected Edge without issue. Theoretically, that means that Edge could summation much browser extensions than Chrome implicit time, but Chrome’s popularity makes the Chrome Store a communal people for developers.

Edge besides offers a Read Aloud diagnostic that volition work everything connected a webpage successful a pleasant voice. It’s a large accessibility diagnostic that makes it imaginable for those with constricted imaginativeness to entree written words.

Both browsers enactment turning webpages into apps, and portion the process is simply a spot different, the nett effect is the same. Apps tally good connected some platforms.

Finally, erstwhile you privation to formed your contented to different device, Edge uses the Miracast and DNLA protocols, portion Chrome outputs to Chromecast devices. Which browser is preferable comes down to which devices you privation to formed to, though Chromecast is apt the much fashionable solution.

Chrome besides holds an vantage due to the fact that it hooks into the full Google ecosystem, specified arsenic Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Google Maps. If you’re babelike connected that ecosystem, past switching to immoderate different browser mightiness beryllium a challenge, though cross-compatibility is improving


Google’s Chrome tin sync conscionable astir each facet of the browser crossed systems. Its database is exhaustive, including everything from passwords to bookmarks to past and a full clump more. Just look astatine the fig of things that tin beryllium synced:

Chrome Sync OptionsMark Coppock/Digital Trends

Chrome handles syncing flawlessly, allowing for astir seamless functionality betwixt your phone, laptop, iPad, oregon thing other wherever Chrome tin beryllium installed.

It took a fewer updates, but Microsoft Edge has mostly caught up with Chrome. While Chrome tin sync themes and addresses and telephone fig accusation and Edge cannot, Microsoft’s browser different matches Google’s syncing capabilities. With some browsers, you tin seamlessly transportation your web acquisition from 1 instrumentality to another.

Updated Microsoft Edge sync options.Mark Coppock/Digital Trends

Cross-device accessibility

Chrome runs connected conscionable astir each level determination is, including Chromebooks and Android. It tin besides beryllium installed connected Windows, Linux operating systems, MacOS, iPadOS, and iOS.

Edge besides is disposable connected respective devices, including Windows by default and MacOS, iOS, iPadOS, Android, and Linux via installation. While you can’t instal natively connected Chrome OS, you tin instal the Android mentation successful a pinch.

Security and privacy

Edge has much privateness settings than Chrome, and it’s overmuch easier to way them down. For example, Edge tin artifact trackers from sites you’ve visited and those you haven’t. It tin besides trim the likelihood of your personalized accusation being shared crossed sites. You tin take from 1 of 3 tracking prevention levels, making it casual to dial successful your comfortableness level. Edge besides uses Microsoft Defender SmartScreen to support against malicious websites and shady downloads.

Meanwhile, Chrome is constricted to blocking third-party cookies. The browser has made definite efforts towards safer browsing, including identifying unsafe extensions, downloads, and websites. However, you’ll person to hunt astir for the nonstop settings you privation to change.

On Chrome and Edge, you tin fig retired which websites person permissions connected your devices and instal an advertisement blocker oregon different extensions.

Chrome mightiness beryllium everywhere, but Edge has the edge

Shockingly, we presumption Edge arsenic a much elite browser, particularly aft its astir caller upgrades. The browser offers exceptional, built-in privateness settings and uses less resources than Google’s browser. In addition, Edge has employed a assortment of utile features, ones that Chrome conscionable can’t contest.

In sum, Microsoft Edge’s superior updates person made it a seemingly amended default browser than Chrome. Microsoft has seemingly committed itself to significant, continual improvements connected the browser, and truthful a much robust browsing acquisition whitethorn beryllium coming soon. With Microsoft Edge continuing to summation ground connected Chrome, the browser wars whitethorn beryllium heating up!

If you’re funny successful however different browsers stack up, check retired our database of champion web browsers, wherever we analyse different blistery competitors similar Firefox, Safari, and more.

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