Microsoft has plans for an Xbox Series S external disc drive

Microsoft has plans for an Xbox Series S external disc drive

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Xbox Series S
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A caller patent suggests Microsoft is designing a strategy that would let the Xbox Series S to play carnal crippled discs. Although Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the product, the speculative strategy would alteration owners of the digital-only console to person their carnal games into downloadable copies.

As spotted by GameRant, the patent describes a strategy that would validate your ownership of a carnal game, earlier granting you entree to its integer mentation to download online. The strategy would impact 2 devices: 1 that includes an optical thrust susceptible of speechmaking crippled discs and verifying your ownership; and a 2nd that you’d usage to download the games.

It sounds akin to pairing a console with an outer disc drive, albeit with 1 thrust that’s susceptible of independently connecting with Xbox servers. If rolled retired for the latest procreation of consoles, it would efficaciously let owners of the Xbox Series S to tally carnal copies of their games done the console.

In the patent, Microsoft says specified a strategy would code concerns implicit backward compatibility. Some players are reluctant to upgrade to the adjacent console procreation due to the fact that they can’t transportation implicit their existing room of carnal Xbox games to digital-only systems.

“Many next-generation video crippled devices being developed are configured without hardware components for playing carnal video crippled media,” the patent says. 

“Consequently, erstwhile an proprietor of a erstwhile procreation video crippled instrumentality purchases a next-generation video crippled device, the proprietor is incapable to play their carnal video crippled media,” it continues.

“Instead, the proprietor indispensable repurchase the integer mentation of the video crippled contented for the next-generation video crippled device. This script is undesirable for aggregate reasons.”

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 We tin hope

The instrumentality described successful the patent sounds similar a useful feature. Not lone would it springiness console owners entree to their backmost catalog of Xbox titles, but it would fto them acquisition games without having to spell done the authoritative Xbox store. Physical editions of games tin often beryllium recovered for little than the terms they're listed connected Microsoft’s integer marketplace, truthful bulking up your gaming room with disc copies tin sometimes beryllium a much affordable route.

However, the patent leaves galore details hanging successful the air. For one, it’s not wide what the instrumentality described successful the patent would look like. It whitethorn instrumentality the signifier of a accepted outer disc thrust that would request to beryllium purchased separately from the main console, but it whitethorn beryllium thing other entirely. An Xbox One, for example, seems susceptible of speechmaking optical discs and connecting to the Xbox servers, truthful seems susceptible of fulfilling the aforesaid function. 

Finally, the patent doesn’t specify what happens to the disc transcript of a crippled erstwhile you’ve verified it. It’s apt that each disc tin lone beryllium authenticated once, successful an effort to forestall integer piracy, though it’s unclear if it could inactive beryllium utilized connected a console that’s not connected to Microsoft’s servers.

As with each patents, thing is confirmed. The instrumentality presented successful this patent mightiness beryllium years distant from making it to market, oregon whitethorn ne'er spot the airy of day.

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