Microsoft launches Entra, a new identity and access family of products

Microsoft launches Entra, a new identity and access family of products

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Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft has been connected a rotation lately, successful presumption of packaging up a radical of products into a recently branded suite. (See the ever-expanding Microsoft Defender family, the Microsoft Priva privacy-management suite and the Microsoft Purview compliance and governance marque for the latest examples.) On May 31, the institution did it again with a suite of individuality and entree products it has christened "Microsoft Entra."

Microsoft's contention is managing integer entree is not straightforward due to the fact that it's intolerable for organizations to program up for each the entree scenarios that tin hap crossed an enactment and its third-party suppliers, who support devices extracurricular of a company's information perimeter. That's wherever Entra is meant to acceptable in.

Microsoft Entra includes each of Microsoft's individuality and entree products: Azure Active Directory, Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) and Decentralized Identity. Azure AD is what manages everything from conditional entree to passwordless authentication and Azure AD External Identities, which manages B2B and B2C (business to consumer) connections is portion of Entra, arsenic well. The CIEM portion of this is the rebranded CloudKnox support technology. Microsoft bought CloudKnox Security successful 2021. The Verified Identity capableness started retired arsenic an incubation astir 5 years agone and debuted arsenic a nationalist preview of Azure AD Verifiable Credentials.

Entra is designed to supply individuality and entree management, cloud-infrastructure absorption and individuality verification. It volition enactment on-premises, crossed Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and crossed Microsoft and third-party apps, websites and devices.

"Now that radical are doing zero trust, however bash they ligament successful partners, organisation channels and much successful a multi-cloud way?" said Alex Simons, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of PM, Identity and Network Access. Identity needs to beryllium astatine the halfway of this, helium said -- and not conscionable for verifying people, but besides devices, IoT and crossed the full virtual proviso chain.

 Simons said Microsoft chose the sanction "Entra" due to the fact that "it indicates an entry-way to caller satellite of doing business." It's not meant to beryllium a gross with restrictive access, helium added.

Microsoft is making Entra, and a caller admin portal associated with it, disposable today. In presumption of pricing, customers who privation Entra volition proceed to wage per idiosyncratic per period for Azure AD; per progressive idiosyncratic per period for outer identities; and per assets for permissions, Simons said. Verified ID is portion of the basal Azure AD paid platform, but a acceptable of paid services that volition tally connected apical of it volition beryllium added astatine immoderate constituent successful the future, helium said.