Microsoft offered Sony a 10-year Call of Duty deal for PlayStation, report says

Microsoft offered Sony a 10-year Call of Duty deal for PlayStation, report says

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George Yang

By November 21, 2022 12:24PM

Microsoft reportedly offered Sony a woody to support the Call of Duty franchise connected PlayStation for 10 years, according to a study by The New York Times. The tech elephantine announced its volition to get Activision Blizzard earlier this twelvemonth for astir $70 billion, but the woody has travel nether aggravated scrutiny from regulators such arsenic the U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and the E.U.’s European Commission.

According to The New York Times, Microsoft said that connected November 11 it had made an connection to support Call of Duty connected PlayStation for different decade. However, Sony declined to remark connected this circumstantial claim.

Previously, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan revealed that Microsoft had lone offered to supply three further years of Call of Duty connected the PlayStation level aft existing agreements expired. Microsoft ne'er commented connected that claim.

Xbox caput Phil Spencer has repeatedly said that Xbox would not propulsion the Call of Duty franchise distant from PlayStation. Speaking to the New York Times aft the deal, Spencer emphasized that the docket for his archetypal telephone with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella included contacting Sony and committing to keeping the franchise connected PlayStation.

Sony took much cautionary measures and reportedly hired a consulting steadfast for meetings connected Capitol Hill successful bid to combat the merger betwixt Microsoft and Activision Blizzard. The consulting firm’s arguments were reportedly utilized elsewhere and yet caused the CMA to bash a deeper probe into the deal.

If the merger goes through, Microsoft aims to enactment franchises similar Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Diablo onto its Xbox Game Pass subscription service. The woody is expected to close by June 2023.

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