Microsoft really wants you to download the Teams desktop client

Microsoft really wants you to download the Teams desktop client

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Microsoft Teams
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Microsoft is bringing its fashionable online collaboration tool to its ain store with the anticipation that adjacent much users volition download Microsoft Teams for desktop.

While you tin usage Teams connected the web oregon connected mobile done its iOS and Android apps, you’ll request to download the desktop version if you privation to get the astir retired of the software. For instance, the quality to blur backgrounds during video calls arsenic good arsenic behaviour one-on-one telephone recordings are lone disposable connected Teams for desktop.

According to a new post successful the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, the Microsoft Teams app for work, schoolhouse and beingness volition soon beryllium disposable to download from the Microsoft Store connected some Windows 10 and Windows 11 opening adjacent month.

Although you tin presently download the Teams desktop app from the bundle giant’s ain site, bringing it to the Microsoft Store whitethorn marque it easier for those conscionable getting started with Windows, possibly connected a caller business laptop oregon student laptop, to find and instal the app.

Keeping way of Teams app usage

With much businesses switching to a hybrid work model, IT teams are funny to cognize however employees usage apps erstwhile they’re working from home oregon astatine the office.

In a separate post connected the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, Microsoft has revealed that an updated mentation of the Teams app usage study with Line of Business apps volition besides beryllium disposable adjacent month.

For those unfamiliar, the Teams app usage study provides admins with accusation connected which apps employees are utilizing successful Teams. From task absorption bundle to clip absorption apps, determination are a fig of first and 3rd enactment apps disposable for Teams that let users to bash adjacent much with Microsoft’s online collaboration software.

Once this update becomes mostly available, admins volition summation greater insights into which apps their organization’s workers are utilizing successful Teams. This could assistance them erstwhile putting unneurotic their IT budgets and deciding what kinds of bundle are worthy investing successful to assistance amended productivity.

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