Microsoft rebrands its Android Your Phone companion app to Phone Link

Microsoft rebrands its Android Your Phone companion app to Phone Link

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Microsoft is rebranding its Your Phone app to Phone Link and updating it with a Windows 11 plan overhaul. Your Phone launched much than 3 years agone arsenic a cardinal mode to nexus an Android telephone to Windows and debar picking up your instrumentality to cheque calls oregon notifications. Phone Link is people a amended statement for the app, and it has now been updated to lucifer the Windows 11 plan changes.

Phone Link present places the notification sheet upfront, and the notifications tab is present pinned to the left-hand broadside panel. Microsoft has besides moved the Messages, Photos, Apps, and Calls sections into a navigation barroom that sits astatine the apical of Phone Link. The notifications conception has besides been cleaned up to marque it easier to spot the notifications that matter.

The caller Phone Link interface connected Windows 11. Image: Microsoft

The updated Phone Link app includes a colour palette and plan that matches Windows 11, with refreshed controls, illustrations, and iconography. The Your Phone Companion app for Android is besides being rebranded to Link to Windows, and some apps volition stock the aforesaid icon.

Beyond the changes successful design, Microsoft is besides making Phone Link disposable successful China acknowledgment to a concern with Honor. Phone Link present supports the Honor Magic V, Magic 4 series, and Magic 3 bid of devices. Otherwise, the champion Phone Link features are inactive mostly constricted to Samsung handsets and Microsoft’s Surface Duo devices.

The latest Phone Link update is available today, and with the adjacent Windows 11 update, you’ll besides beryllium capable to alteration Phone Link conscionable by scanning a QR codification during setup.

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