Microsoft recalls AC power cords for some older Surface devices

Microsoft recalls AC power cords for some older Surface devices

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Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft is recalling and replacing its AC powerfulness cords for the archetypal Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and immoderate Surface Pro 3 devices. The callback applies to AC powerfulness cords -- not the powerfulness proviso units -- for devices that were sold earlier March 15, 2015.

Microsoft is recalling and replacing the removable cord that connects the powerfulness proviso to an electrical outlet. The stated reason: "Damage mightiness hap implicit clip if AC powerfulness cords are, for example, sharply and repeatedly bent oregon tightly wrapped." Other types of imaginable harm includes cracking, fraying oregon bulging. Because damaged cords tin overheat, determination is simply a imaginable occurrence oregon daze hazard, according to a Microsoft enactment article. (Thanks to, which is wherever I archetypal saw the pointer to the enactment article.)

Microsoft is advising radical to interaction the institution straight and not the store wherever they whitethorn person bought their Surface devices.

"The escaped replacement AC cords we are providing are designed to existent manufacture standards and usage manufacture modular materials. They besides incorporate strain-relief improvements successful the AC cord's attachment to the plug ends that should further trim the likelihood of harm erstwhile the cords are repeatedly wrapped excessively tightly, twisted, oregon pulled," the support article says.

For the fastest enactment for getting a replacement cord, Microsoft is telling users to spell to AC Power Cord, motion successful with their Microsoft accounts and travel the steps to implicit the process. Surface for Business customers who placed bulk orders should contact Microsoft directly.