Microsoft Teams: Here's everything new in the last two months

Microsoft Teams: Here's everything new in the last two months

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Microsoft's latest updates to Teams that person rolled retired since August people Apple silicon, unrecorded translation of speakers, and much controls for inclusive video conferences.    

Teams users with laptops equipped with Apple's M1 oregon M2 chips should beryllium noticing a amended acquisition arsenic Microsoft broadens the rollout to a mentation of Teams arsenic a cosmopolitan binary that runs connected Intel and Apple silicon. Apple started the rollout successful aboriginal August and marked it arsenic generally disposable successful September. It didn't springiness users an enactment to download the cosmopolitan binary arsenic it opted to rotation it retired automatically successful increments.  

Microsoft's Cameo successful PowerPoint unrecorded lets users integrate the Teams camera provender into their presentation. It was announced astir a twelvemonth ago

Also caller successful the past fewer months are collaborative annotations successful Teams meetings, letting everyone adhd and scrawl comments connected a shared surface portion connected a Teams meeting.

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Language interpretation became disposable for each Microsoft Teams Meetings successful mid-September. There's nary clever AI progressive successful this feature, which lets organizations prime a subordinate oregon prosecute an interpreter to construe what a speaker's saying successful 1 connection to another. Meetings tin person 16 antithetic connection pairs. It's supported for regular scheduled meetings, transmission meetings, meetings with up to 1000 participants, and webinars.  

Another option, this clip powered by Microsoft's cognitive work code translation capabilities is Live Translated Captions, but Microsoft lone made that disposable successful public preview successful in aboriginal September.    

Microsoft added chat connection translation successful Teams for iOS and Android. Teams detects erstwhile the connection is not yours, and prompts the idiosyncratic to construe oregon ne'er construe a peculiar language. To alteration translation preferences, users tin spell to Settings> General> Translation

For the hybrid workplace, Microsoft has added sound suppression controls for in-room gathering participants connected Teams Rooms connected Windows devices. The controls are the aforesaid arsenic those disposable for Teams desktop. 

Again for hybrid, Teams Rooms connected Windows devices with 2 beforehand of country displays tin present amusement up to 18 video participants, divided 3x3 connected each surface whenever determination is nary contented being shared. Microsoft says this is much inclusive due to the fact that it allows much radical connected surface astatine once. The different enactment for larger groups is Together mode and ample assemblage layouts, which enactment up to 50 participants. 

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Microsoft past period rolled retired caller Teams Rooms subscriptions, diverging from the anterior Teams Rooms Standard, which was $15 per instrumentality per month, and Teams Rooms Premium astatine $50 per instrumentality per month. 

As of past month, the prime became Teams Rooms Basic and Teams Rooms Pro. Admins tin delegate up to 25 Teams Rooms Basic licenses to Teams Rooms devices for free, but with a fewer little features than successful the Standard subscription. Any fig of devices beyond 25 requires Teams Rooms Pro astatine $40 per period per device.  

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