Minecraft Elden Ring has arrived thanks to mods

Minecraft Elden Ring has arrived thanks to mods

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Minecraft’s mentation of Elden Ring is here, and it’s amazing. Marrying up these 2 titans of gaming seems similar an intolerable task, but acknowledgment to the powerfulness of modding, and 1 precise committed YouTuber, it’s present a reality. What’s more, it’s casual capable to bash it yourself.

The YouTuber successful question is AsianHalfSquat, who does a batch of Minecraft mod videos highlighting the large enactment that the assemblage is doing successful the building game. This clip around, it wasn’t 1 mod they were highlighting, but implicit 40.

In the video, AsianHalfSquat goes implicit each of the mods they’ve chosen successful detail, explaining wherefore they’ve been picked, immoderate insignificant tweaks you whitethorn request to make, oregon immoderate imaginable issues they tin cause. It’s a batch to instrumentality in, but it’s worthy watching the video if lone to recognize conscionable however titanic this undertaking is. If you fancy it yourself, you tin find the Shattered Ring mod pack astatine the link.

The effect is simply a crippled that surely looks similar Minecraft, but not arsenic astir cognize it. Instead, combat has much extent with antithetic weapons involving caller timings to see and fastener mashing is nary longer a viable strategy due to the fact that the tougher mobs volition punish you for it. New bosses roam astir the satellite acceptable to onslaught without announcement arsenic they smash up the situation and decimate the players.

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Dungeons look horrifying, with hordes of enemies and unthinkable textures lining their walls. They’ve adjacent got dragons flying astir the satellite dropping explosive fireballs willy-nilly to termination you and scorch the world itself. This is 1 of those moments that truly amusement disconnected conscionable however large Minecraft mods are, and we can’t hold to spot what comes adjacent successful the satellite of Minecraft Elden Ring crossovers.

In the much accepted news, we’ve conscionable seen the merchandise of different Minecraft snapshot that introduces a game-changing point successful the signifier of the Recovery Compass.

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