Modern Warfare 2 beta preload is broken for some Call of Duty players

Modern Warfare 2 beta preload is broken for some Call of Duty players

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Modern Warfare 2 beta preload is causing problems for immoderate Call of Duty players attempting to instal the Activision and Infinity Ward FPS via Battlenet and Steam, arsenic the PC beta launches today, September 22.

The Modern Warfare 2 beta has been disposable for Playstation users since September 16, but is scheduled to grow to PC and Xbox players who person pre-ordered the crippled connected September 22, opening astatine 10AM PST. Though the nonstop size of the beta for PC has not been revealed, connected PS5 it is 25GB, and connected PS4 35GB, truthful is apt to beryllium likewise hefty connected Battlenet and Steam, too. Preload for the beta was made disposable connected September 20, but immoderate Call of Duty fans person reported that, contempt pre-purchasing Modern Warfare 2, it has not been made disposable connected Battlenet oregon Steam for aboriginal loading.

“I pre-purchased MW2 past nighttime truthful that I could preload the beta,” writes 1 CoD fan. “It is not showing up arsenic 1 of my games successful the Battlenet launcher truthful I americium incapable to preload the beta. When I spell to the MW2 leafage successful the store and effort to repurchase it, it says I already ain it. It adjacent shows up successful my caller transactions connected my relationship and done my bank. I submitted a summons but each they said was to hold until the crippled really releases to effort installing it, but arsenic you astir apt know, the PC beta begins connected Thursday.”

“I americium having the aforesaid contented arsenic above,” reports different player. “The crippled is not showing successful my room adjacent though it says I ain it connected the store page. I person opened a enactment summons and each they did was archer maine to interaction Activision and said my ‘code’ would enactment tomorrow.”

Other players person suggested a assortment of imaginable fixes, including uninstalling and reinstalling the Battlenet launcher, oregon clicking the positive awesome astatine the apical of the Battlenet crippled barroom to adhd Modern Warfare 2 to “favourites”, which successful immoderate cases whitethorn assistance entree to the preload option. However, this does not look to enactment successful each instances. “I bash not adjacent person the enactment to adhd it to favourites,” replies 1 player. “It is not listed successful My Games. It is not an enactment successful favourites, but it shows I ain it erstwhile trying to pre-purchase it.”

Users who person bought Modern Warfare 2 connected Steam besides study a akin issue. “Same here,” writes one, responding to different players’ concerns astir not being capable to preload. “Weird thing, I tin spot the Steam leafage for it and if I really pre-ordered there. I assumed determination would beryllium nary problem.”

PCGamesN has contacted Activision Blizzard with regards to this contented and volition update this communicative with immoderate accusation it provides.

If you’re hoping to leap into the Modern Warfare 2 beta yourself, marque definite to cheque retired our usher to the new gunsmith system. You mightiness besides privation to cheque the afloat Modern Warfare 2 strategy requirements oregon container yourself the best Modern Warfare 2 M4 loadout, to assistance rack up those killstreaks.