Modern Warfare 2 PC trailer boasts 500 options – here’s what we saw

Modern Warfare 2 PC trailer boasts 500 options – here’s what we saw

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A caller Modern Warfare 2 PC trailer has promised that the Call of Duty FPS game volition person implicit 500 customisation options erstwhile it comes to the level soon, truthful we’ve taken it upon ourselves to effort and spell done and prime retired everything shown and promised successful the trailer and database it for you here.

The multiplayer game releases connected October 28, with developer Infinity Ward highlighting however this caller iteration of Call of Duty volition diagnostic 4K graphics and ultrawide enactment to boot, which volition apt delight galore Modern Warfare 2 beta players and fans.

Despite the Modern Warfare 2 PC trailer being rather short, there’s a batch of footage and features packed into it, arsenic spotted by PCGamer. We people don’t get a look astatine each of the 500 positive customisation features successful the FPS, but speedy glances astatine the in-game menus bash really uncover a just magnitude of what you’ll beryllium capable to customise successful Modern Warfare 2.

First up successful the Modern Warfare 2 PC trailer is simply a elemental hunt bar, which lets you find circumstantial features oregon families of customisation options to tweak to your liking connected PC. The possibilities present consciousness endless, but the trailer searches for “frames” and throws up rather a fewer options.

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Modern Warfare 2 PC trailer framework Rate options

  • Menu customized framework complaint limit
  • Gameplay customized framework complaint limit
  • Out of absorption customized framework complaint limit
  • Custom framework complaint limit
  • Dynamic solution framework complaint target

Modern Warfare 2 prime preset options

  • Render resolution
  • Upscaling / sharpening
  • Anti-aliasing
  • Anti-aliasing quality
  • Nearby level of detail
  • Distant level of detail
  • Spot cache
  • Texture resolution
  • Texture filter anisotropic
  • Particle quality
  • Bullet impacts and sprays
  • Shader quality
  • Shader optimisation
  • Tesselation
  • On-demand texture streaming
  • Streaming quality
  • Volumetric quality
  • Shadow representation resolution
  • Spot shadiness quality
  • Cache spot shadows

Modern Warfare 2 camera options

  • Field of view
  • ADS tract of view
  • Weapon tract of view
  • Third idiosyncratic tract of view
  • Vehicle tract of view
  • First idiosyncratic camera movement
  • Third idiosyncratic camera movement

Obviously these aren’t each of the customisable features successful the adjacent Call of Duty FPS, but alternatively the bulk of options seen successful the Modern Warfare 2 PC trailer. We’ll beryllium capable to get a bully look astatine each and each 1 of the 500 positive features erstwhile Modern Warfare 2 really comes to PC soon though.

If you privation a mates of tips for Modern Warfare 2 portion you hold for the afloat release, we’ve got everything we learned from the beta close here. You tin find the best Modern Warfare 2 guns, a usher to the Modern Warfare 2 gunsmith, and a heavy dive into the Modern Warfare 2 merchandise date, DMZ mode, maps, and more.

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