Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak refreshes the game in June

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak refreshes the game in June

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Capcom yet gave a thorough overview and revealed a merchandise day for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak during a digital lawsuit today. This large enlargement for the Nintendo Switch and PC Monster Hunter crippled volition beryllium released connected June 30. 

As Iceborne did for Monster Hunter World, players tin expect this enlargement to present plentifulness of caller monsters, characters, and different contented for Monster Hunter Rise players to descend their teeth into erstwhile they’ve made their mode done the main game. Players indispensable implicit the seven-star hub quest “Serpent Goddess of Thunder” to entree Sunbreak

Sunbreak takes spot successful a caller country called The Citadel and gives the subordinate a caller basal of operations called the Elgado Outpost. From here, players volition enactment with tons of caller characters from a distant, Britain-inspired kingdom to instrumentality down The Three Lords, the gigantic monsters threatening that overseas civilization.

The Three Lords are Garangolm, a ample monster that attacks with some occurrence and h2o elements, Lunagaron, an icy fanged wyvern, and Malzeno, an elder dragon. These won’t beryllium the lone caller monsters, arsenic Capcom besides highlighted the Blood Orange Bishaten and a caller mentation of Astalosed successful the presentation. The enlargement volition besides present caller Master Rank quests for hardcore players and caller wirebug actions.

Alongside the merchandise of Sunbreak, Monster Hunter Rise will person a monolithic 13 GB update that volition set crippled equilibrium and quality edit vouchers successful summation to preparing the bundle for this expansion. Players tin besides expect amiibo of the “Canyne Malzeno” Palamute, “Felyne Malzeno” Palico, and Malzeno to merchandise alongside the game, these volition unlock peculiar armor and fto players get items from a regular lottery. 

Overall, Sunbreak is stacking up to beryllium a meaty enlargement that volition delight Monster Hunter Rise players. It volition outgo $40 for those who already ain Monster Hunter Rise, though caller players volition beryllium capable to prime up the Monster Hunter Rise + Sunbreak Set for $70.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak volition beryllium released for some Nintendo Switch and PC connected June 30, 2022, though Capcom teased that the enlargement volition get plentifulness of updates pursuing its release

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