Morbius is being slammed as the worst Marvel movie ever

Morbius is being slammed as the worst Marvel movie ever

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Jared Leto successful  Morbius
(Image credit: Sony Pictures / Marvel Studios)

There’s nary simpler mode to enactment this: Morbius has been annihilated by critics. 

After the phenomenal success of Spider-Man: No Way Home, it was hoped that Sony’s adjacent Marvel movie mightiness inherit astatine slightest some of the webslinger’s magic – but, instead, reviews suggest Morbius could beryllium among the precise worst films of the year. 

Before diving into those reactions, though, a little synopsis: Morbius stars Jared Leto arsenic a scientist-turned-vampiric anti-hero who indispensable travel to presumption with his newfound lust for blood. The movie takes spot successful the aforesaid beingness arsenic Tom Hardy's Venom, and hits theaters worldwide connected April 1 (UK audiences tin drawback it a time earlier connected March 31).

Let’s footwear disconnected with the Rotten Tomatoes overview. According to the reappraisal aggregator site, Morbius presently wears a dense 19% critics standing – based connected the reactions of 63 accredited journalists – astir its neck. For context, that fig puts the movie successful a worse presumption than 2019's X-Men flick Dark Phoenix and adjacent 1995’s Judge Dredd connected the site’s ranking of the worst-reviewed superhero movies ever. Ouch.

Digging into the reviews themselves, the connection utilized is adjacent much damning – but let’s commencement with the bully ones (relatively speaking…). 

The AV Club’s Todd Gilchrist labelled Morbius “a bland, competent, and harmless superhero escapade that seems destined to beryllium forgotten earlier its extremity credits decorativeness rolling.” Similarly, Variety’s Owen Gleiberman said it’s “close to being a generic Marvel movie” but is yet small much than a accidental for “Leto to punch the timepiece and get connected the comic-book train.”

Vanity Fair’s Richard Lawson praised the movie’s “seriousness of intent” erstwhile it comes to its deficiency of cringey humor, portion IGN’s Matt Donato said “audiences are fed precisely what they’re astir apt expecting from this bargain-bat origin.”

That, though, is astir each the semi-positive reception we could find. Other critics, similar Playlist’s Jason Bailey, didn’t clasp back: “Morbius is bad, yes, but it's not adjacent fun-bad, similar the Venom movies; it's conscionable benignant of depressing.”

#Morbius is the worst Marvel superhero movie successful a long, agelong time. Mostly inert, sometimes laughable. And the country wherever idiosyncratic tries to summon a feline by shaking their litter box, lone to presume the feline is gone erstwhile that doesn't work, is the weirdest happening I've seen successful years. 31, 2022

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The Independent’s Clarisse Loughrey was arsenic scathing, calling the Spider-Man spin-off “too flavourless to adjacent beryllium the wild, untethered catastrophe immoderate were secretly hoping for,” portion The Times' Kevin Maher decried Morbius arsenic “an appalling superhero snooze-fest [...] without melodramatic jeopardy, originality, communicative coherence, compelling characters oregon a azygous adjacent vaguely quality performance.”

Can it get worse than that? It definite can. Film Stories’ Tom Beasley said “the gonzo chaos of Venom gave beingness to a franchise but [Morbius] has, appropriately enough, sucked it each out.” IndieWire’s Kate Erbland wrote that “even the astir basal elements of the movie are incomprehensible.” 

But it’s Rolling Stone’s David Fear who delivered possibly the strongest disapproval of them all, describing Morbius arsenic “the azygous astir anemic Marvel movie ever made.”

Analysis: a atrocious commencement to a (hopefully) bully twelvemonth for Marvel 

By the sounds of it, then, Morbius hasn't travel anyplace adjacent to replicating the heroic delights of December's Spider-Man: No Way Home – a information apt to impact Morbius' container bureau performance. 

Marvel fans should, however, instrumentality comfortableness successful the cognition that Morbius exists outside of Marvel’s Phase 4 universe. On that front, the superhero workplace has 3 bonafide entries arriving passim the twelvemonth that are definite to fare amended (with some critics and audiences) than Jared Leto’s titular vampire. 

A promotional representation  for Doctor Strange 2 with the Sorcerer Supreme beforehand   and centre

Doctor Strange 2 exclusively hits theaters connected May 6, 2022. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Doctor Strange successful the Multiverse of Madness (May 6), Thor: Love and Thunder (July 8) and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (November 11) number among the galore new movies coming to theaters successful 2022 – each of which look apt to thrust the MCU guardant successful meaningful ways. 

But that's not each that Marvel has successful store for its fervent fanbase. There are 3 MCU Disney Plus shows connected the mode successful 2022, excessively – Moon Knight being the archetypal of those, with the Oscar Isaac-starring TV bid making its streaming debut connected March 30. You tin cheque retired our spoiler-free review of the show, if you haven't already.

Ms Marvel volition travel Moon Knight connected June 8, portion She-Hulk volition marque her live-action debut sometime successful precocious 2022. Secret Invasion, which sees Samuel L Jackson reprise his relation arsenic Nick Fury, is rumored to beryllium coming this year, too, but its motorboat is inactive up successful the air. There whitethorn adjacent beryllium a 2nd play of Marvel's animated What If...? anthology bid this year, but that remains to beryllium seen astatine present.

Marvel fans, then, volition beryllium eating connected caller MCU productions for immoderate clip yet. Critics, though, look to person had their capable of Morbius. With the movie retired present successful theaters, wide movie fans tin spot for themselves whether those reviews are over-the-top oregon spot on.

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