Morrison wants to develop a national plan to address local chip shortage

Morrison wants to develop a national plan to address local chip shortage

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the Australian authorities volition give AU$324 cardinal to expanding the proviso concatenation resilience inaugural (SCRI) if it is re-elected astatine the upcoming May 21 national election.

He outlined that AU$15 cardinal of the full volition beryllium utilized to enactment proviso concatenation monitoring. This would including AU$4.3 cardinal to heighten the CSIRO transport web strategical concern instrumentality to exemplary home transport proviso chains, AU$10 cardinal for mapping and monitoring captious proviso chains to proactively place vulnerabilities earlier they arise, portion AU$1.3 cardinal would beryllium utilized to committee the main idiosyncratic to make a nationalist program for semiconductors to code existent and aboriginal supply. 

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At the aforesaid time, AU$27.3 cardinal volition beryllium handed retired to 18 palmy semiconductor and h2o attraction chemicals projects nether circular 2 of the SCRI grants.

"Securing our proviso chains is simply a cardinal portion of keeping Australia stronger and much secure," Morrison said.

"The spot of our proviso chains substance due to the fact that they impact each azygous portion of our economy."

On Friday, the Labor enactment announced different predetermination committedness to acceptable up a captious technologies money to present AU$1 cardinal successful concern enactment done loans, equity, and guarantees for concern successful exertion areas including quantum computing, AI, robotics, and bundle development.

The determination is portion of the Labor party's purpose to "work with manufacture to present 1.2 cardinal tech jobs to 2030".

"Our AU$1 cardinal Critical Technologies Fund is an concern successful gathering strategical manufacture capableness successful Australia, powering aboriginal economical growth, increasing jobs -- and avoiding a encephalon drain that is sapping our state of captious talent," Shadow Minister for Industry and Innovation Ed Husic said.

Other items that person been connected the agenda betwixt the 2 large governmental parties during their six-week national predetermination campaigns person besides included a robo-debt Royal Commission, expanding eSafety capabilities, passing anti-trolling laws, and closing the multinational taxation avoidance loophole.

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