Most Singapore IT leaders cannot identify fake messages, but only half concerned about phishing risks

Most Singapore IT leaders cannot identify fake messages, but only half concerned about phishing risks

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Only 4% of IT decision-makers successful Singapore are capable to correctly place phishing SMS and email messages. Despite the evident deficiency of judgement, 47% stay unconcerned astir the hazard of phishing attacks to their organisation. 

Some 32% of these IT leaders tapped their enactment phones for idiosyncratic activities, higher than 18% of employees who did likewise, according to a survey commissioned by KnowBe4, which provides information consciousness training. Its main hacking serviceman and reformed hacker Kevin Mitnick designed the US vendor's grooming modules.

The survey further recovered that 53% of IT decision-makers successful Singapore were acrophobic astir phishing arsenic a hazard to their organisation, portion 40% expressed akin concerns astir business email compromise attacks. Conducted past December by YouGov, the online survey polled 200 IT decision-makers and 1,012 employees successful the city-state. 

A further 36% of IT decision-makers utilized their enactment email for idiosyncratic activities, compared to 29% of bureau workers. 

In addition, 51% of IT leaders expressed assurance they would the steps they had to instrumentality pursuing a cybersecurity incidental oregon information breach successful their organisation. 

And portion 54% believed employees successful their organisation understood the concern interaction of cybersecurity breach, 43% felt assured their unit could place phishing and concern email compromise attacks. Another 40% believed their employees would study email messages they deemed suspicious. 

KnowBe4's Asia-Pacific information consciousness advocator Jacqueline Jayne said: "When those charged with keeping a concern unafraid are unaware of the risks and incapable to place scam email and SMS messages, their organisations are astatine important risk...If those successful complaint of information are unaware of champion practices, past they cannot amended and bid employees."

Jayne noted that employees were much apt to autumn for phishing scams if they utilized their enactment email for idiosyncratic activities, specified arsenic online shopping. "Having a wide separation betwixt enactment and idiosyncratic activities makes it overmuch easier to spot erstwhile an email is simply a scam--if you cognize you ne'er store online utilizing your enactment email address, past you cognize that email from Amazon cannot beryllium real," she said. 

Singapore's Anti-Scam Centre past twelvemonth received much than 23,800 reports, with losses totalling astir SG$520 million. More than 12,600 slope accounts were frozen and SG$102 cardinal recovered. 

The KnowBe4 survey revealed that 88% of Singapore IT decision-makers planned to walk much connected cybersecurity this year, with 65% indicating specified concern would spell towards cybersecurity consciousness training. Another 57% planned to nonstop their walk towards cybersecurity tools, portion 55% would put successful infrastructure and 55% connected cybersecurity insurance.  


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